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Best AFL Top 8 Betting Sites in Australia

AFL Top 8 Betting Sites in Australia In the lead up to the AFL Grand Final, the Top 8 are an important fixture. By the time the semi-finals come around, most experts will have made their predictions.

Of course, predictions won’t guarantee anything, but it’s fun to have a guess or two. So, when picking your top 8, where should a punter start?

As always, we recommend starting with a lot of research. Informed guesses are more likely to win, and it never hurts to have the facts during the season.

Before we go any further, we need to add a disclaimer. Australian rules football is one of the hardest sports to predict and there are really no guarantees. Even if a club did well in preceding years, they could slip up royally. Just look at Hawthorn or the Brisbane Lions, after a three-year streak, they eventually lost the title.

So, before putting your money on the line, remember to keep your head clear and be ready to lose a little money.

Top AFL Top 8 Bookmaker Sites

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AFL Final 8 Predictions

True footy fans will already know how difficult it is to accurately pick every team that gets through. Seasoned bettors will also know when the top 4 are picked. These teams are usually given an easier run to the top of the ladder.

In essence, new punters will need to pay strict attention to the fixtures and who is getting the best odds. When the lines are short, the team is generally the favourite. However, the favourite can sometimes be overtaken by a lesser one. Keep in mind that the top 8 are picked well in advance of the Premiership season.

Who knows? Maybe the Sydney Swans or Adelaide will finally get a win. They’ve made it to the runner up spot often enough. Just look at the West Coast Eagles, even they came second for years before taking the title. A quick tip: don’t bank on Gold Coast or Fremantle, even if they get the longest odds.

AFL Top 8 Odds

Whenever you can visit AFL Ladder betting sites for the latest rankings. These will generally compare the newest odds and give an overview of team performance. Additionally, keep an eye on the official site for fixtures every week.

That way, you can get some bets in before the cut off on Thursdays. Remember, the season is 23 weeks long, and it’s difficult to follow every match.

Final 8 Playoffs Australia

Best Ladder Betting Tips

As always, we have to warn AU bettors to gamble responsibly. That means staying sober while betting, and keeping bets small until the four-week top 8 stretch begins. In addition to picking a winner, try taking advantage of point spreads, parlays and props for extra excitement. Then, follow our steps below to start making money on the final 8.

  1. Visit your favourite sportsbook.
  2. Choose a top 8 match and your team to win.
  3. Select your bets including props and totals.
  4. Confirm your bets.
  5. Watch the match.
  6. Collect your winnings.

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