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Best Basketball Betting Sites – Bet on the NBA, NCAA & NBL

Best Basketball Betting SitesBasketball is one of the most well-loved sports in the world. Here in Australia, basketball betting is just as popular online. Most Aussie online bookmakers offer multiple markets and odds on the sport, giving punters plenty of opportunities to make some money.

That’s why our expert team has put together this guide for beginners. If you’d prefer to skip our tips and get right into gambling, check out our top Australian basketball betting sites below.

The most famous basketball league is the National Basketball Association (NBA) of the United States. In Australia, there’s also the National Basketball League (NBL) shared with New Zealand. So, let’s get to the basketball betting markets in Australia.

So, check out our best AU online betting sites for Basketball below to start comparing the odds, or read the rest of our guide.

Where to Bet on Basketball

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Top Basketball Betting Types

When betting on basketball in Australia, it’s important to keep the odds in mind. While you may feel loyal to a team, it’s better to change your bets when they’re having a tough time. Of course, this may seem a little harsh, but it’s more practical when compared to how much you’d lose. With that in mind, it’s time to go through some important information.

First, basketball tipping is illegal if you’re using insider information. Second, live betting is only legal when calling a sportsbook by phone. Lastly, keep careful records of the odds for each bet.

Basketball Betting Strategy

Basketball Rules

All professional players in basketball are expected to follow a strict set of rules. These govern the game and good sportsmanship. To be fair, some rules can seem ridiculous, but they have a good purpose. So, here are the basic rules:

  1. Only five players per team can be on the court at all times out of a team of twelve
  2. The object of the game is to score points by getting the ball into the hoop
  3. As such, the ball can only be moved around by dribbling or passing
  4. Scoring depends on the player’s distance from the hoop, and fouls will result in a free throw
  5. Free throws are worth one point
  6. Throws from the three-point arc are worth three points
  7. To win the game, a team must score more points than their opponent

Other important rules to remember are:

  1. Moving without dribbling the ball is a foul
  2. Double dribbling by picking up the ball and bouncing it twice is a foul
  3. Interfering with the ball at any time is not allowed
  4. When the ball passes over the middle of the court, the offence team can’t take it back

Strategy & Odds to bet on Basketball

Sports betting can be quite tricky since it’s based on chance. So, the best way to cover the spread is to bet smaller and on multiple outcomes. Luckily, basketball bookies always offer moneyline, point spread and final score options to punters. Taking these bets on regular-season games can help new bettors make even money even if they lose.

When it comes to NBL, WNBL, and NBA betting covering your bases and taking the best odds is a good strategy. On the other hand, you might be tempted to make one big bet on an NBL or NBA team. This is not recommended because you would most likely lose. Unless you’re sure and you’ve done enough research, it’s not worth the gamble.

How to Bet & Win

It’s time to make some money on basketball betting. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit your favourite sportsbook
  2. Choose a team or players
  3. Select your bets and side wagers
  4. Confirm your bets
  5. Watch the match
  6. Collect your winnings
Basketball Betting Odds

Basketball Betting Tips – What to Do

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we have just a few more tips.

  • As always, we encourage Aussies to gamble responsibly and spend only 10% of their total budget on bets.
  • Additionally, we recommend reading through all promotional terms and conditions carefully before claiming the bonus and free bets.
  • Finally, research is key in basketball betting, so that habit will serve bettors well in the long run.

What is Basketball?

When learning how to bet on basketball, we recommend starting with the basics. Basketball is generally played indoors on a rectangular court with hoops at either end. A centre mark with a small circle is the divide for the team.

Generally, five players per side go head-to-head for possession of the ball. Offence and defence are important terms for the teams when one is trying to score and the other is defending their hoop.

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