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Breaking the 52-year-old record at the Sheffield Shield 2019

Sheffield Shield 2019 – Jake Weatherland smashes a record that has been standing for over half a century. Weatherland and opening partner Henry Hunt were on the field batting for almost 80 overs. A huge stride in the world of cricket. Setting a new record after all that time has garnered him public admiration.  While beating and creating a brand new record is tons to brag about. The ultimate all-time record set in 1989 is far higher than Weatherland’s claim to popularity.

The standard was set by Western Australian pair Mike Veletta and Geoff Marsh. The superstar took 235 deliveries to hit a 4.  South Australia ended the tournament day on a high of 1/359. And the record-breaking pair took home a 293 wicket.

Sheffield Shield 2019 Steve Smith

What’s next for record breaker Jake Weatherland?

With the upcoming test match against international cricket rival Pakistan, granted it every sports persons dream to represent the national team. His future lies in the hands Australia’s cricket coach Justin Langer and selector Trevor Hohns. However there’s existing competition from those already expecting to partner with David Warner and a pool of Australia’s many talented cricketers.

Justin Langer says that player selection will be determined by a variety of things including player form, they are specific regarding what they want in the players. It has a lot to do with player performance over a longer period that one successful tournament. He also adds that although the squad has been mostly filled, there are still open spots. Hopefully Weatherland can rise above that competition into a spot like he did the record.

Steve Smith steals the Sheffield Shield 2019 Show

Not in the way you imagine in the “slowest first century pass of his career” type of way. Although performing relatively well. He hit 59 out of 217 balls on the first day against Western Australia ending the match at 2/221 off 96 overs. Contrasting the 80 off 51 balls he scored at the second match against Pakistan the previous week in the T20 series.

He spent most of his time just standing on the crease than actually playing cricket. During interview, the 24 year old superstar admitted that the second first class match was hard going in the middle. In his defend team mate Solway claimed that “’the wicket dictated that” basically explaining that the success during their innings weren’t the sole responsibility of batting, but the type of bowling matter as well.

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