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Serious EA Data Leak to Other Players Causes Outrage

EA Data Leak Australia

A major EA data leak on FIFA registration has outraged players on social media. Multiple players could see the personal information of others when they tried to sign up for FIFA 2020. Since EA’s last major scandal, it would seem that the game developer is growing lax. According to an official statement, EA claimed to […]

Japanese Grand Prix 2019 Qualifying Cancelled for Saturday

Japanese Grand Prix 2019

The Japanese Grand Prix 2019 is in major trouble as typhoon Hagibis threatens the eastern coastline. As a result, officials have cancelled all Saturday fixtures, including qualifying laps, in the wake of the storm. Since the Japanese Grand Prix 2019 is held on the southern end of Japan, the storm is expected to affect the […]

South Africa v Canada Final Score & Recap

South Africa v Canada Betting

South Africa v Canada starts off another week of the Rugby World Cup with a shocking final score: 66-7. For those fans hoping that Canada could turn things around, it was sadly not during this match. South Africa has successfully qualified for the quarter-finals while the Canadians qualified for a flight home. Canada’s Josh Larsen […]

Scotland v Russia Final Score Recap & Odds

Scotland v Russia Highlights

Scotland v Russia is one of the last fixtures before the quarter-finals of this year’s Rugby World Cup. As such, it was a pretty exciting match for the Scots, who ended with a score of 61-0. However, they still have a shoot out to compete in for a spot in the finals. Odds on a […]

Wales v Fiji Final Score Recap & Odds

Wales v Fiji Australian Betting Odds

Wales v Fiji always promised to be an exciting match for Rugby fans, and it didn’t disappoint. While Wales scraped through with a 29-17 victory and a bonus point, the results were still up in the air for most of the match. Unfortunately, Fiji has been eliminated from the tournament, but there are great expectations […]

Typhoon Hagibis about to Rain on the Rugby World Cup

Typhoon Hagibis Rugby World Cup

Typhoon Hagibis will make landfall in Japan on Saturday, officially raining on the Rugby World Cup’s parade. According to experts, Typhoon Hagibis is a “super typhoon”, which increases safety risks for everyone in Japan. Estimates from satellites are grim, and the storm is moving quickly towards Japan’s east coast. While it is expected to weaken […]

LOOT.BET Joins eSports Integrity Commission in Anti-Corruption Initiative

LOOT.BET Teams Up with eSports Integrity Commission

LOOT.BET, a dedicated eSports bookmaker, has partnered with the eSports Integrity Commission to fight corruption. As part of the deal, they will provide data for conducting and initiating investigations. The deal forms part of the commission’s goal to “make eSports as fair as possible”. Whether or not the data provided will be shared with outside […]

League of Legends Worlds 2019 Underway with New Hit Song

League of Legends Worlds 2019 Aus

League of Legends Worlds 2019 has officially kicked off with the release of the theme song for the tournament. Every year, Riot Games puts out a song that is meant to inspire fans and players for the event. This year’s title “Phoenix” is no exception as the opening matches are played, it already has over […]

Europa League Champion Odds & Favourite to Win

Europa League Champion Betting Australia

Soccer never sleeps and this year’s Europa League is no exception. Determining the next Europa League Champion is already underway and a UK club is one of the favourites to win. Of course, the season is far from over, but the predictions are rolling on for the next champion. Manchester United has finally kicked into […]

Rugby World Cup Betting Results for 5 & 6 October

Rugby Betting Results For World Rankings

Rugby betting results are in from this weekend’s matches. Upcoming fixtures are sure to thrill fans as the pool matches wrap up for the quarter-finals. However, there are still a few surprises in store for rugby fans. Our team of experts will also weigh in on the latest points standings, predictions, and, of course, odds. […]

South Africa v Italy Final Score & Betting Results

South Africa v Italy Highlights AU

South Africa v Italy was a highly anticipated match for the Friday slot. South Africa won 49-3 against Italy, who had a good track record until this point. Unfortunately, for the Italians, the Springboks were unstoppable on the field and managed to score two tries, two conversions, and a penalty before halftime. Italy only manged […]

Week 6 RWC Wrap Up – Rugby Betting Odds

As the Rugby World Cup pool matches heat up, many punters are eagerly watching the fixtures. This is our Week 6 RWC wrap up, where we highlight the winners and review their wins or losses. Most Rugby fans with their wallets on the line can also see the odds from our leading bookies. This year’s […]

Georgia v Fiji Final Score & Betting Results

Georgia v Fiji Highlights AU

Georgia v Fiji was an exciting match on 3 October. The island nation really proved their worth by beating back Georgia with a strong attack during a “torrential rainstorm”. Scoring seven tries throughout the match proved that Fiji has what it takes to face Wales next week. Some reporters have blamed Fiji’s eight-day break, compared […]

All October Sports Fixtures & Betting

AU October Sports Fixtures

Ever wonder when the next scheduled match is in October? Well, we’ve listed some important 3 October sports fixtures to help. We’ve listed them by tournament with moneyline odds. These are taken from multiple bookies to make deciding on a wager easier for AU bettors. Check out our favourite bookies to place your bets! MLB […]

New Zealand v Canada Final Score & Betting Results

New Zealand v Canada Highlights

New Zealand v Canada was a masterclass in the All Blacks’ best strategies. While Canada attempted a few tries, the final score of 63-0 proved that they weren’t ready. Unfortunately, Pool B is pretty stacked with good teams and Canada can’t keep up. Rugby fans in Japan were thrilled by the game, where the All […]

France v USA Final Score & Betting Results

France v USA Highlights

France v USA was a pretty standard match for the unequal sides on 2 October. France claimed a bonus point to round out their final score of 31-9 over the Americans. While the USA put up a good defence, they just couldn’t keep up with the other team. Unfortunately, France’s winning side just couldn’t let […]

Rugby World Cup Pool Odds – Favourites to Win, Score & Fixtures

Rugby World Cup Pool Odds

Rugby World Cup pool odds is now being made easier with our daily updates from trusted online betting sites. has scoured the internet for the latest information and taken the average odds for the upcoming fixtures to make wagers easier. Of course, these are just the averages, so check your bookie’s website for updates […]

Latest Pool Standings, Results & Fixtures for the Rugby World Cup

Despite high hopes for the first two weeks, the pool standings for the Rugby World Cup in Japan are dire. Australia has suffered a shock defeat, a player ban, and it just seems to be getting worse. Even officials are struggling to uphold regulations, and the overall viewership is dropping worldwide. So, how much more […]

SEN+ Facing Fines after ACMA Investigation into Gambling Ads

SEN+, a Melbourne-based online sports radio provider, has been found guilty of advertising gambling against current rules during the Australian Open. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has revealed the findings following their investigation. According to the regulatory body, SEN+ aired a gambling promotion during coverage of the women’s quarter-final. These findings are extremely […]

World Rugby Facing Multiple Scandals Due to Referees’ Decisions

The 2019 World Cup is fast turning into a scandal mill for World Rugby. After the first few matches, many fans remain outraged over basic officiating calls. This week, World Rugby acknowledged that referees had not “met desired standards” in two games over the weekend. In their statements, the governing body claimed that they had […]