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Bundesliga Return Brings German Soccer Back to Fans Under Strict Conditions

German Soccer Returning This Weekend

An experiment by Germany will bring back the Bundesliga to TV screens across the globe. However, German soccer will look nothing like it did before. Reportedly, the new guidelines for health and safety will limit how many people can be inside the stadium and where they can go. This includes players, coaches, reporters, spectators, and […]

Eintracht Frankfurt v Freiburg Brawl Triggers Outrage During Bundesliga Match

Eintracht Frankfurt v Freiburg Brawl

An Eintracht Frankfurt v Freiburg brawl has left many fans with a sour taste in their mouths. Both teams jumped into a brawl when Freiburg manager, Christian Streich, was knocked over by Eintracht captain David Abraham. During the melee, players pushed and shoved for five minutes until officials managed to separate them. This year’s soccer […]

The Matildas Have Landed an Equal Pay Deal, Making Them the First in Australia

Matildas Get Equal Pay

The Matildas have finally gotten equal pay to the Socceroos after five years of fighting the Football Federation Australia. According to reports, they are one of the first teams globally to get equal pay. This deal marks a moment in history for women’s football. As a result of the deal, the players’ salaries will almost […]

UEFA Governing Body Slammed by Anti-Racism Groups after “Nazi” Incident Ruling

UEFA Governing Body Slammed

The UEFA Governing Body is being criticised by anti-racism groups for their “embarrassing” penalty against a Bulgarian team. In a recent match against England, the team reportedly made racist comments and Nazi salutes. After an investigation, they received a “paltry” fine and a one-stadium ban. Despite claims to “wage war on racists”, the UEFA governing […]

James Maddison Facing Penalties for Gambling at a Casino

James Maddison Poker Scandal

James Maddison is in serious trouble after photos of the professional footballer surfaced. While it may not be a sex scandal, his presence in a casino is against the rules. Maddison was photographed shortly after being dismissed from the English squad at a poker table. Since this is against the UK’s professional soccer rules, Maddison […]

Europa League Champion Odds & Favourite to Win

Europa League Champion Betting Australia

Soccer never sleeps and this year’s Europa League is no exception. Determining the next Europa League Champion is already underway and a UK club is one of the favourites to win. Of course, the season is far from over, but the predictions are rolling on for the next champion. Manchester United has finally kicked into […]

Huddersfield Town FC Claims it was Pressured to Advertise Paddy Power

While facing a fine of £50 000 (AUD89 774), Huddersfield Town FC has revealed that the club was pressured by Paddy Power with legal threats. The fine, imposed by the Football Association of the United Kingdom, is part of a crackdown on gambling advertising. Reportedly, the two-tier football club claims that they had no choice but […]