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Best eSports Tips – Bet on eSports

Best eSports Tips Finding accurate eSports tips is fairly easy these days. Of course, most eSports tipsters won’t always be able to predict exact outcomes, but it doesn’t hurt to try one or two. Just like traditional sports, electronic sports matches are based on points and meeting objectives.

Many professional eSports players and teams will also train daily like a sports team or player. These players, also called gamers, will have statistics and performance history that bettors can review.

So, how can punters make money on the eSports scene? That’s what we aim to answer in this tips guide. We’ll walk you through the most important information and how to identify a good tip. We have also listed our favourite eSports betting sites that cover online games tournaments and take real money bets.

A word to the wise: try visiting eSports news sites to verify tips about the eSports betting market.

Top eSports Gambling Websites

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Free eSports Tips Predictions

If you’re just getting started betting on eSports, we’d advise that you visit our other guides for some in-depth tips. We’ve covered just about everything to do with eSports games, leagues, and strategies. In addition, we’ve written a guide about the jargon used by individual games as well as general terms.

So, check those out for a head start on good eSports betting approaches. Then visit free eSports betting tips sites. These will have thousands of submissions worth of tips.

When you’ve got all of that, it’s time to look at the most commonly searched for information about the sport: tips. Many bettors will use one or two tips if they’re not sure which way the match will swing. This is generally a good eSports betting tactic, because eSports fans love to share.

Even if you’re not used to playing games online, there are plenty of resources to get started. After all, sports betting is easier when you’ve got some research behind your bets.

Choosing eSports Tips


Online eSports Tips

Before you start betting, you’ll need to decide which video game and format you want to wager on. eSports are mainly divided into two categories here: games console and desktop computers. Further specifications are the types of games being played.

Namely, most desktop tournaments will feature games like League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or FIFA. On console, FIFA is also available, as well as racing games.

Once you’re comfortable with the categories, you’ll need to decide what you’d like to wager on. We’ve listed some basic bets below:

  • Match Betting Tips – during tournaments, teams and players go head-to-head in matches lasting a full day. Select a group to bet on and check if any tips are available.
  • Player Tips – there are a number of famous professional gamers who will have unique wagers. Check for player specific tips online by finding out which gamers are up to play.
  • Tournament Tip-Offs – usually, predictions for an overall winner will dominate the lead-up to the tournament. Favoured teams will usually be the first to have tips published.
Best Ways to Use eSports Tips

Important eSports Tips

Last but not least, we have some general tips for bettors who want to try betting on eSports. These tips can apply to any sport, so don’t feel limited.

  1. Gamble responsibly by making smaller bets.
  2. Never share personal information with unsecured sites or illegal bookmakers.
  3. Keep a list of bets to track their progress and work out approximate payouts.
  4. Compare odds at multiple bookmaker websites to ensure you’re getting the best offer.
  5. Read promotional terms and conditions thoroughly before accepting.

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