Popular Horse Race Betting Strategy

Popular Horse Race Betting StrategyA horse race strategy is generally the first thing most AU bettors think of when they bet. Having a strategy can sometimes be beneficial, but following one to the letter might not. After all, races can’t always run how we expect. Over the last few decades of Australian racing, this has been proven time and again. So, how and when should AU bettors use a horse race betting system? Well, that’s what we hope to answer in this online betting guide.

As with any sports betting strategy, punters will need to be familiar with the sport and how it works. Simply betting on suggested races and horses will likely lose you money. Of course, these options do pay off occasionally, but the risks are a bit high for a chance of winning. If you already have a good strategy that you’re comfortable with, test one of our top racebooks. Or, if you want to try something new, keep reading our guide for systematic betting in horse racing.

Best Racebooks for AU Bettors

How to Start a Betting Strategy

To begin creating a working horse race strategy, we usually recommend starting with the basics. When you begin, our advice is to start with straightforward bets like straight wins and some more exotic options. However, we don’t recommend that punters lay bets with large sums of money. A $2 stake is more than enough for beginners. Most racing systems work on a bigger wager, but this is not good for your wallet. Once you’ve gotten to grips with everything, follow these steps.

  • Payouts for betting strategies – knowing how much stakes are worth in terms of payouts can save a lot of time for AU bettors. Having the odds in mind will also help to maximise your payouts and minimise losses when betting on multiple events.
  • Try staking systems that use only 5% of your bankroll before moving on to bigger fish. If you’re serious about profits, allocate funds specifically for a racing event and use it until you need to walk away.
  • Covering the spread can seem like a lot of legwork, but it actually pays out a little better than straight stakes. Backing multiple horses running the race can work out in your favour in the long term.
  • Consider the course and distance for each category when picking your selection for the staking plan. Many horse race strategy experts recommend this for younger horses, because their performance is less predictable.
  • Betting markets are suggestions and you don’t need to follow them to the letter. Shop around with other racebooks to ensure you’re getting the best racing odds.

How to Start a Betting Strategy

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Strategy for How to Bet on Races

  1. Open up a trusted betting site.
  2. State the name of the racetrack.
  3. Choose right race at the allotted time.
  4. Pick the price of your stake and double check the total amount.
  5. Indicate the type of horse race bet.
  6. Decide on the number of horses you’re backing.
  7. Check your ticket before you accept.
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