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Midnite Joins Esports Integrity Commission as Anti-Corruption Supporter

It’s no secret that sportsbooks can monitor bets easily and then detect possible match-fixing. So, the fact that Midnite is joining the Esports Integrity Commission as a supporter could help the industry stay fair. Its decision comes easily, according to official statements, because the sportsbook mainly offers eSports markets.

In the latest reports from stats company Everymatrix, eSports gambling has skyrocketed as countries ramped up their pandemic responses. Also, the commission has noticed a 50% spike in “suspicious” bets as traditional sports ground to a halt. So, what can Midnite offer?.

Midnite Joins Esports Integrity Commission

Midnite Statistics Reveal All

According to Midnite, the increase in betting is mainly from the COVID-19 pandemic, but they’ve been watching carefully for match-fixing. This is in response to more online tournaments that aren’t in controlled arenas.

Recently, many game providers have moved into the online sphere with charity tournaments and regular events. For example, the current Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and League of Legends regional championships.

However, they face security problems and possible cheating at every level, even for celebrity-led events. So, a lot of bets on an outcome is a reliable indicator of fixing or corruption. Right now, CS: Go is leading the eSports industry in wagers, closely followed by FIFA and NBA 2K.

Conversely, Midnite is a betting partner for the CS: GO #HomeSweetHome event that’s currently in progress.

Breaking Records in Gambling

While eSports sportsbooks are benefitting from the sudden interest, some traditional bookies are also getting into the action. According to EveryMatrix, eSports only made up 1% of wagers in 2019. This year, it’s up to 40% with most wagers coming from FIFA and NBA 2k making 85% of bets.

Moreover, it only took two weeks for numbers to spike for bookmakers like Midnite. EveryMatrix has since partnered with Abios, a dedicated eSports API, to provide more data solutions to its clients. So, it looks like eSports are going to become the leading sport for 2020 if the pandemic continues.

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