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NSW Survey Reveals that Lotto Gambling is Still Popular While Gambling Rates Decline

New South Wales (NSW) has revealed the findings of their latest survey. In the new NSW survey, it appears that gambling rates are declining, but at a slow rate. Further, lotto gambling is still the most popular format, with casinos and sportsbooks close behind. In 2018, only 50% of adults gambled more than once. However, local gamblers still lost over AU$6.5 billion on poker machines between July 2018 and May 2019. So, what can the NSW survey tell us about reducing risk?

According to the NSW survey, one in 10 regular gamblers has a gambling problem. As the “most comprehensive survey of its kind” in eight years, it has a lot to say. Through nearly 10 000 phone interviews, the gambling survey found that 53% of participants had gambled at least once. Moreover, the most popular form of gambling was lottery tickets (37%), then pokies (16%), and horse racing was third with 13%.

NSW Survey Reveals Addiction Rates

NSW Survey Reveals Addiction Rates

When compared to the gambling rates of 2011, sitting on 65%, the decline is pretty impressive. However, problem gambling remains the same. At least 1% of the population is suffering from gambling addiction, according to the NSW survey. Due to recent legislation, this could be chalked up to stricter measures for gambling ads. Another interesting statistic reveals that online gambling has gained a 70% popularity rating.

New South Wales led the charge by stopping gambling operators from advertising bonuses to punters in the state. Other states have since followed suit and most operators hide their promotions from prospective gamblers. This month, the NSW government introduced further measures to stop illegal inducements. These laws will place stricter measures on any gambling advertising in the state.

Problem Gambling Treatments

Through the NSW survey, locals can now understand how dire the addiction rates are. According to Customer Service Minister, Victor Dominello, NSW spends AU$25 million on addiction programs and prevention. He also said that the survey will help “competent authorities” understand the “gambling landscape” in the state.

Many anti-gambling campaigners are welcoming the new legislation. Still, they’re calling for a complete ban on poker machines in NSW. In addition, there are still calls for protecting residents from gambling-related harm. After all, falling participation rates aren’t a complete success.

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