Best Parlay Betting Guide Australia

Best Parlay Betting Guide AustraliaParlay, also called multiple, bets are a great way to split your bets across varied outcomes. Bettors in Australia love these options because of the potential returns. If your first wager doesn’t pay out, your bet is lost. Individual wagers have their place, but multiple bets are more likely to help gamblers break even. Of course, more bets increase the total amount you spend, but it can pay off.

A good way to work out the feasibility of these bets is with a parlay calculator. Most sports betting sites have a calculator available, so you won’t need to do it all yourself. Just remember to verify the total bet on another calculator just in case. So, if you’re itching to try the wagers first, check out our recommended picks for AU punters below. Or, keep reading to learn how to make money on parlay betting odds.

Place Parlay Bets at Top AU Sportsbooks

Types of Multi Bets

As a bettor, it’s important to know which bets to make and what sports to make them on. Most Aussie sportsbooks offer multiple sports wagers on every professional sport there is. So, to start playing around with multi bets, we recommend reading up on point spreads, moneylines and over/unders. These are the most popular options and they are pretty easy to follow. Once you’ve got the basics, try your luck on these:

  • Horse racing– trifecta, quinella, box.
  • Rugby – two team games.
  • Aussie rules – semi-finals for the premiership.

Parlay Betting Explained

Parlay Betting Explained

Before you place any real money wagers though, we need to warn you. Even though the returns are higher, parlay bets require you to perfectly guess a winner or score. So, if you’d made separate bets and one team won but the other did not, you wouldn’t lose the full amount. However, with a multi bet, you’d lose everything if only one of your picks made it. Most bookies offer an average line of +260 on two-team parlays and +600 for three teams.

In this example we’ll use two straight bets for different teams. Say that you bet $55 to win $50 on Adelaide -2.0 -110 and $55 to win $50 on Melbourne +4.0. If both won, you’d win $100 at the end. But if you took on a parlay of Adelaide -2.0 and Melbourne +4.0 you’d profit $260 on a double win. Still, this will need to be exact for you to get the full payout.

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