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Best Point Spread Betting Odds & Sites

Point Spread Odds Point spread betting is one of the most popular form of odds offered by sportsbooks. A huge majority of bookmakers offer point spread bets for team sports like football, rugby, baseball, basketball and hockey sporting events.

So, how can online bettors make money on point spread betting? Well, we’ve put together this guide to help.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we need to mention that no bet is guaranteed to win. Even with the best point spreads, punters need to consider the sport. As much as we’d all like to be right, professional sports are unpredictable. That’s why gambling is a game of chance and why we recommend extensive research before making a bet.

If you already know everything about point spreads, test your knowledge at the most popular bookmaking websites below. If you need a full breakdown, continue reading this guide for the odds.

Top Point Spread Odds Websites

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How to Read Point Spread Odds

Keep in mind that point spreads are a form of handicapping used for two outcomes. By handicapping both teams, sportsbooks place an advantage on the favourite team based on their statistics. To read the odds, you’ll need to take note of values placed before the odds.

These indicate the favourites to win with a negative. The expected loser will have a positive value based on the points they could score. Sportsbooks do this to generate interest for both teams when one side is better than the other.

For this example, we’ll set the score at 3.5 points on a soccer game. On average, point spreads are set at -110 with the number of points indicated. This covers the point spread for the game.

Manchester United -3.5 (-110)

Chelsea +3.5 (-110)

As you can see, Manchester United is the favourite and they need four points to win. Similarly, Chelsea will need to either win or not lose the game by four points in the final score to win your bet.

Point Spread Betting Sites

Spread Betting Explained

So, what happens when you’ve covered the spread? We’ve answered the most important questions to help bettors.

  • What happens if I win my point spread bet?
  • In total, you will win back your initial wager plus the bet. If you bet $110, you’ll get that and the $100 you won for a total of $210
  • What happens if I lose my point spread bet?
  • You lose the whole wager, so the sportsbook will make a profit.
  • What if the point spread result is a tie?
  • This happens fairly regularly, so you’d be refunded as part of the ‘push’. In a push, the chosen team has won by the exact points of the spread.
  • What happens when the point spread changes?
  • Usually, the odds will change as the season progresses. Sportsbooks have full rights to change the spread prior to the start of the match. Many factors can influence the spread, like an injury or the weather. Sometimes, too many bets on the favorite are placed, so they lengthen the spread.
  • Are point spreads different for other major sports?
  • Yes, because not every sport is the same. For American sports, like baseball and hockey, the spread is set to -1.5 or +1.5 for every game. These are preset because scores are lower than other major sports.

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