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Online Sports Betting – Bet on Sports in Australia

Best Sport Betting Sites AustraliaBest AU Sports Betting Sites is Australia’s favourite guide to the best sports betting in Australia. Sports Betting in Australia is a form of gambling where punters can bet on sports matches or sports events to win real money.

If you are new to betting on sports, our step by step guides will show you how to bet on sports as well as the best sports to bet on.

Keep scrolling to find top sports betting tips to help you win real money. Then find daily odds on the most popular sports or go straight to our list of sports betting websites in Australia.

Compare Sports Betting Websites 2021

Betting Site Best Feature Visit Site
Embodiment of Synergy in the AU Betting Industry!
1 Unibet Review Great sports coverage Bet Now
Key Player on the AUS Betting Scene
2 TitanBet Sportsbook Streaming
Expert Edge
Bet Now
Reliable Bookmaker with Flawless Track Record
3 TheLotter Sportsbook Lottery Bets Bet Now
Unique Betting Product - Lotto Result Betting

Sports Betting Australia

Australia Sports Betting - How to Find the Right Website

Our team of reviewers usually inspect five aspects while reviewing online sports betting sites. When deciding where to bet, it’s essential to consider what the online sports betting websites offer bettors. For many punters, the only requirement is being able to bet. However, this can be damaging, both legally and for your wallet.

Use these criteria when you're checking out our list of best online sports betting sites:

Licensed & Legitimate

First, you have to ensure that the sports betting site is legally allowed to take bets in your state (and pays taxes). So, any website licensed in Northern Territory will have to be approved in Queensland, etc.

Safety & Security

Before signing up, we recommend checking the security certificate of the sports betting websites for encryption. If a sports betting site is encrypted, your money will be protected.

Competitive Odds

When all the legal stuff is out the way, the next requirement is excellent odds. When it comes to sports betting AU, higher odds are worthwhile. You’ll need to do a little research on this one to find the right fit.

Variety of Markets

Where there are great odds, there are great sports. Any bookmaker worth their salt will offer bets on every sport available to online punters. More sports also mean more bets, so it’s a win-win situation.

Exclusive Offers

Most importantly, there should be a bonus for your first deposit at a sports betting site. We generally expect this at any online sports betting site, so these sites are no exception.


Sports Betting App - Top Apps to Use

It would be irresponsible of any betting site not to cater for mobile. These days, many bettors prefer using their smartphones or tablets to place wagers. That’s why we only recommend sites that have optimised their products for mobile phones.

In fact, we award bonus ratings for a great user experience. This makes it easy to bet on sports with real money and get the greatest deals on odds.

  1. BetEasy Betting Site
  2. Betfair Betting Site
  3. Neds Betting Site
  4. YouWager Betting Site
  5. ClassicBet Betting Site

Sports Betting Tips - Best Ways to Bet

Since sports betting tips are an important part of making money, we’ve gathered our helpful tips for sports bettors right here. These sports betting tips come from experts who have combined experience of 30 years.

  • Always gamble responsibly when Australia sports betting online and never use insider information.
  • Keep track of every bet and deposit for money management.
  • Only use 10% of your overall budget for a single bet to conserve your bankroll.
  • Use promotions offer sparingly, especially when the terms and conditions aren’t specific.
  • Follow all promotional terms and conditions before trying to cash out.
  • A free bet offer is usually offered for particular sports gambling online.
  • Pick your odds carefully on sports betting websites.
  • Find supported mobile online sports betting sites or apps to take the excitement anywhere.

How to Bet On Sports - Sports Betting Strategy

We collect any sports betting strategy that could save us money. Including ways to bet that would normally be ignored. So, what's the best betting strategy? Well, we've figured out that the following strategies helped us to win consistently:

  1. Pick a sport you understand and know a lot about.
  2. Research the biggest teams and keep track of their performance.
  3. Double-check picks and tips sites for relevant odds comparisons.
  4. Compare any odds you find from multiple sportsbooks to ensure you're getting the most trustworthy choices.
  5. Fine-tune your approach regularly to get the most out of your bets.

Best Australian Sports Betting Sites 2019

Bet on Sports: Top Sports to Wager On

When betting online, it’s vital to know which sports are covered by sports betting websites. In Australia, this will be the most popular sports nationally and internationally. This range of online sports betting markets adds a lot of excitement to real money sports betting.

After all, more sports mean more chances of making money on sports betting. Look out for these top sports on your favourite sports betting website. Here’s a full list of the commonly offered sports betting markets for bettors:

AFL Betting

Aus sports betting is mainly focused on Aussie rules football, the greatest sport in the world. When we review sports betting websites, we immediately look for AFL sports betting markets. If there’s no footy, we just leave.

Cricket Betting

There’s nothing quite like cricket and watching a day’s match. Of course, the bets keep rolling, so we also look for cricket sports betting markets quite fast. So, we like to see a variety from sites here.

Online eSports Betting

As the fastest growing sports market, esports betting has to be represented. Even if you don’t really understand the mechanics, there are so many matches that it’s easy to make money on eSports betting.

Horse Racing Betting

Since this is a staple of the Aus sports betting industry, we expect constant updates on races. We want every bet on every race and good sports betting odds at all times. If there’s no racebook, we won’t recommend the sports betting site.

Fantasy Sports Betting

Another addition to sports betting is Daily Fantasy Sports. These markets are based on fictional teams and matches. However, sports bettors only earn points on players who win. While we don’t expect Daily Fantasy Sports betting from every website, we like the option.

More Sports to Bet On

  • Motor Sports Betting
    Motor Sports
  • eSports Betting
  • Cricket Sports Betting
  • Rugby Sports Betting
  • Horse Racing Sports Betting
    Horse Racing
  • Tennis Sports Betting
  • Aussie Rules Sports Betting
  • Soccer Sports Betting
  • Golf Sports Betting
  • Boxing Sports Betting
  • Baseball Sports Betting
  • MMA Sports Betting
  • Hockey Sports Betting
  • Basketball Sports Betting
  • Fantasy Sports Betting
    Fantasy Sports


Australian Sports Betting Odds

Now, we need to discuss probabilities and how betting websites represent them. Most betting websites will use sports betting lines to represent the odds. These will usually be decimal sports betting odds because we like to keep things humble. Still, we have to advise on opening and closing odds first, because these determine the payout.

Opening sports betting odds are the first lines provided on a match while closing chances will reflect the overall statistics. Checking the sports betting fixtures and the initial bet is important to ensure your sports betting winnings are what you expect.

  1. Sports Betting Moneyline Chances – these are the most popular odds for American and international betting websites.
  2. Decimal Sports Betting Lines – most betting websites will offer decimals for the overall head-to-head. In this case, a lower decimal is also the favourite to win. When calculating a payout, it’s vital to keep these decimals in mind for expected value (EV).
  3. Fractional Odds Sports Betting – in sports betting, fractional odds are the most direct and easy to understand. These will usually show a more substantial number divided by a smaller amount, e.g. 9/1, 8/5, 21/6, etc. Often, these will be fixed betting lines when betting markets close.

If you’re using international sportsbooks, they’ll usually go for moneylines. At that point, we recommend converting sports betting odds with either the site’s calculator or one online.

How to Choose an AU Online Betting Site

Exclusive Betting Offers

Now that we’ve got all the boring stuff out of the way, it’s time to take a look at actually betting money. Just like playing sports properly, there’s a technique for placing wagers online. More importantly, you’ll need to know how to pick the right bets. And so, we’ve outlined the basics for sports bettors below with our sports betting tips.

Sports Betting Picks

Sports betting picks are an integral part of your online experience. The odds offered for online sports betting picks Australia are used to estimate the overall profit. An online sports betting site will offer picks and odds that favour the team or player with a better track record.

However, setting these odds and updating them depends entirely on performance. Betting lines will constantly change before and during the game according to the probability of a win, bonus bets or a tie.

This is similar to Poker because some teams will have a good run and then falter. The same goes for a team that has a bad series and suddenly performs better. Since online sports betting is based on chance and luck, these events make predictions difficult. Still, it’s possible to win legally if you’re only making an educated guess on a winning margin.

How to Cashout at Sports Betting Websites

When determining your sports betting odds payout, we recommend checking the odds and offers continuously. If you make specific bets, your odds of winning are likely low. .

Of course, professional sports are known for surprises. To calculate your eventual winnings, we’ve made a basic overview of the odds we mentioned before for sports betting. And how to cash out.

  • Moneyline Odds– these are the most popular odds for international sportsbooks. A good example is a moneyline of +150 or -150 for two teams because the team with a negative line is likely to win. These odds will usually be combined with decimals for bettors at online gambling sites.
  • Decimal Odds– When calculating a payout, it’s vital to keep these decimals in mind for expected value (EV). To calculate the EV, you can use the odds for the two teams multiplied by the probability.
  • Fractional Probabilities – In these cases, a payout will use the more significant number multiplied by your bet and then divide by the smaller. In effect, betting$5 with odds of 9/1 will pay out AU$45 for a win. Australia sports betting typically uses a classic moneyline, but overseas sportsbooks offer these.

Best Online Sports Betting Tips for Aussies

Real Money Sports Betting Sites - How to Deposit

While free bets are fun, winning money from sports betting is far more rewarding. When making real money bets, it’s good to have a few deposit options to choose from. These should also be available when wagers payout. At AU sportsbooks, there are a few trusted payment options we recommend to bet on sports.

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Debit & Credit Cards

If you’re already got a trusted banking option, use it to start wagering on events. These offers are beneficial for major sporting events when parlay bets and other predictions are available. So, be sure to grab the best bets with trusted websites, but always read the terms and conditions first.

Top 10 Sports Betting Sites

We've compiled our personal picks for sports betting sites below that we like to use. These are the top ten sports betting sites in Australia, according to our experts:

  1. Neds Betting Site - Most Competitive Odds
  2. YouWager Betting Site - Most Reliable
  3. ClassicBet Betting Site - Fast Deposits
  4. Titanbet Betting Site - Quick Payouts
  5. TopBetta Betting Site - AFL Bets
  6. Madbookie Betting Site - Point Spreads
  7. Ladbrokes Betting Site - Overseas Odds
  8. Draftstars Betting Site - Fantasy Sports Betting
  9. BetEasy Betting Site - Sports Lines
  10. Betfair Betting Site - Highly-Rated Bet-Exchanges

Where to Get Help

Generally, online betting is a fun pastime for most bettors who want to try their luck. However, this can sometimes get out of control, and a gambler might need some help.

In Australia, there are many organisations available to help anyone struggling with problem gambling. There is no shame in getting help and acknowledging when to walk away. So, contact these organisations to get started.

Or, if you just need a break, try the self-exclusion option all sportsbooks licensed in Australia offer. These services can cap spending and occasionally block accounts for a short time on request.

Sports Betting FAQs

Are sports betting legal in Australia?

Yes, because in 2018, an amendment to the Interactive Gambling Act allowed bettors to bet legally through online sportsbooks. However, the sportsbook must be registered, licensed, and regulated in Australia.

What’s more, they must follow specific state laws and pay taxes accordingly. On the bright side, all of our top listed sites follow these laws to the letter.

So, there’s nothing for bettors to worry about while placing bets and collecting winnings. Provided that they use an online sports betting site licensed to operate in Australia, of course.

Is sports betting rigged?

Sometimes, yes. However, this depends entirely on the type of site you choose to use. For many bettors, spotting a bad sports gambling site can be difficult. So, we recommend checking their credentials before signing up or putting money on the line.

We recommend using licensed betting websites listed on our site because we’ve verified their security and legality. Bad sites will usually mistreat bettors by withholding funds, cancelling bets, or offering false odds. Always double-check the facts and the bookmaker slips for Australian sports betting sites.

Can you make a living off sports betting?

Yes, you can by trying to be a ‘sharp’ bettor. Sharp bettors make long-term bets and expect to win thousands. By learning to spot betting trends and make wagers accordingly is a skill.

There’s nothing wrong with sharp bets, but they could land inexperienced punters in trouble. Many bookmakers also expect their bettors to follow ‘codes of practice’, usually hidden in the terms and conditions.

Are online betting sites safe?

Yes, there are many safe betting sites available to you. Any legal sportsbook in Australia will have ample security measures to protect punters.

How can I legally bet on sports online?

By using only Australian regulated online betting sites, you can assuredly bet legally online. These sites are allowed to operate here.

Where can I make sports bets?

At any betting shop or online betting site with a valid license from the state, you’re betting in.

How do I place a bet online?

You can place a bet online through a reputable bookmaker offering fair odds.

Is there an app to bet on sports?

Yes, there are many apps to bet on sports available to sports bettors. Our favourite is Unibet’s app because it’s optimised for mobile gambling.

Which betting app is the best Australia?

The best betting app Australia is from either Unibet, Sportsbet, or BetEasy. They all have great benefits for mobile sports betting, including security, mobile optimisation, and fair odds.

Which betting tips site is the best?

We personally like sports betting Reddit forums because they have real tips from actual sports bettors.

How do I get better at sports betting?

By ensuring that the odds you take are the best through careful research. Always have more than one sports betting account to compare the odds for the same sporting event.

Which is the best sport to bet on?

Australian rules football is the best sport to bet on, closely followed by Motorsports, Rugby, and Cricket.

How do I win a bet daily?

The best way to win a bet daily is to take a few of the best betting lines from multiple sites. That way, you have a few different wagers to get a win from.

Which sport is easiest to predict?

According to expert bettors, European soccer is the easiest sport to predict. A Wharton statistics professor, Abraham Wyner, European soccer pulled ahead of other sports leagues in a study. According to Wyner, the European soccer leagues who spent the most on players won more consistently.

What is the most unpredictable sport?

Baseball is considered the most unpredictable sport in the world. Reportedly, statistics experts believe that the nature of the sport makes it unpredictable. If you’ve ever followed American baseball seasons, you’ll have noticed this throughout the very long season.

What is the most bet on sport?

Soccer is the most bet on sport because it’s the most-watched and most-played sport in the world. Additionally, the many soccer leagues going on throughout the year allow for far more odds and markets.

Which sport is the most profitable?

Soccer is considered the most profitable sport, just by looking at the numbers. Combined, the five biggest football tournaments in the world are accountable for nearly £12.29 billion in total revenue annually.

What's the biggest bet ever placed?

The biggest bet ever placed was $777 000 (US$2.41 million today) by an American man named William Lee Bergstrom in 1980 at the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. He won US$1.5 million on a single roll of the craps dice.

What sport is the most profitable?

Soccer, also known as football, is the most profitable sport globally with an estimated revenue of more than AU$19 billion.

Is sports betting profitable?

Yes, sports betting can be profitable for many punters. As long as you keep a level head and play the odds, you should be able to turn a modest profit.

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