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Best Cricket Betting Sites

How to Win Money Betting on Cricket Australia

Cricket betting is made easy with our trusty guide. Since cricket is one of the most popular and well-followed sports in the world, why not have a little fun and make some money off of cricket?

Of course, you’ll need to know how to bet on cricket, but that’s why we’re here. We’ve created this handy guide for punters to start betting on the greatest game of them all. What’s more, we’ve listed the best online cricket betting sites below for real money wagers.

But first, we need to go over some basics. Firstly, every cricket match has two parts, batting and bowling. Each team has to bowl and bat in each over. At the start, teams will decide whether to bat or bowl first.

Generally, starting off on bowling can turn the tide for the team. The first team will need to be bowled out completely before the second can start earning runs. In any cricket game, the amount of wickets and run score decides the winner. Usually, it is an outdoor sport, and the condition of the pitch is vital for gameplay. Check out the best betting sites for cricket wagering below.

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Main Cricket Betting Events

When betting on any sport, it’s important to keep abreast of the possible bets you can make. For most , betting on the overall winner is the obvious choice. Still, there are plenty of other ways to make money on cricket. After all, cricket is some of the best in the world since we have some of the greatest players alive.

Most cricket games take a while to play out, but matchday bets can still be worth a try. Apart from that, you can also bet on runs, wickets and overs. Mainly, when the Australia national cricket team is up against India, England, Sri Lanka and South Africa. We’ve outlined the best cricket spread betting options below.

Cricket Betting Events

Match Cricket Betting

First off, punters will be able to bet on the outcome of matches. For most bettors, the overall outcome will seem extremely tempting. However, general performance and daily scores are also up for a gamble. When learning how to bet on cricket match games, we recommend researching every match format and tournament.

  • Test Cricket – this traditional format is regularly played over five days of two innings each. Generally, these matches test the technique, temperament, and endurance of the 11-player team. Many local fans will be drawn to the Ashes because the Australian team usually wins.
  • Twenty20 Internationals – also referred to as T20, these tournaments stretch across 20 overs. These international games are widely popular and are generally shorter than test matches. The format makes for exciting viewing and better bets overall.
  • One-Day Internationals – or ODI cricket, is another popular format for international teams. This is played over 50 overs in a single day, making it a high-risk, high-reward event.
  • First Class– as the official classification of domestic or international high-standard cricket. These games are played over three days with up to two innings.

Most Runs Scored Prop Bet

During the above tournaments, punters can bet on which batsman or team will score the most runs. Many Internet cricket betting sites will offer prediction bets called ‘props’. These bets are made in addition to overall outcomes. Since the point of most matches is to score runs, betting on the amount is highly profitable for gamblers. When betting on runs, be aware of the game formats, because they limit the overall scores. These are the most runs scored in cricket to date:

  • Most runs in test matches – 400 runs by Brian Lara, West Indies (one day).
  • Record runs in ODI – 18 426 by Sachin Tendulkar, India (career).
  • Peak Runs in International T20 – 2140 by Brendon McCullum, New Zealand (career).

When betting on batsmen, we recommend researching their performance across the board before making a bet. After all, informed bets usually pay out better.

Most Wickets Taken Prop Bet

Some of the best bowlers in the world play for Cricket Australia. For many bowlers, taking wickets is the aim of the game and will affect how the game ends. In fact, bowling out the opposing team can help score better. When betting on the number of wickets taken, we suggest a modest bet. All games differ, and going for the highest outcome is never a good idea. In all probability, a team could be bowled out with no wickets taken.

Cricket World Cup Winner

As most bettors know, the highest payouts in cricket betting come from the series winner. Since there are so many events to follow, the overall winner will only be determined by the end of the series. So, making this bet is only possible when you’ve followed every other match and can safely bet on the favourite. Of course, the final game could surprise everyone, but that’s a slim one.

Top Australian Cricket Betting Strategies

Top Cricket Betting Strategies

While knowing the bets and events is important, the best strategy for cricket betting is to consider factors that affect the game. More so, the factors that will influence the overall standings and odds.

  • Team Performance – it’s always a good idea to research the team and how well they perform for certain events. When it comes to one-day, test or ODI, having in-depth knowledge of good teams is vital. Since this will affect betting lines and odds with sportsbooks.
  • Weather – because this is an outdoor sport, keeping an eye on the weather will also help punters. In fact, matches can be rescheduled or cancelled because of bad weather. Since this is a summer sport, rain will usually affect the pitch and/or stop the match.
  • Average Innings – while the innings of each game are pre-determined, some games will not meet the requirement. Checking the average innings of each match and team will help when placing bets. Still, chances will depend on the above factors

How do you win a Cricket Bet?

Well, gambling is a game of chance, and there are no definite wins. What’s more, guaranteed strategies are usually a scam. No one can predict the exact bet outcome every single time because the sport has no set outcomes. There are too many factors at work in any game. So, instead of trying to find a fool-proof strategy, just follow our cricket betting tips:

  1. Learn the ins and outs
  2. Favourites won’t always win
  3. Shop around for good odds
  4. Make fewer bets, but use high-value lines
  5. Avoid odds-on prices
  6. Try less obvious cricket bets
  7. Understand the markets
  8. Don’t bet emotionally
  9. Pick the right moment by avoiding opening bets
  10. Always check the live cricket score during games

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