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Best Soccer Betting Sites

Best Soccer Betting SitesSoccer betting is now one of the most profitable gambling options in the world. Whether it’s the FIFA Soccer World Cup or a regional game, the odds are always good for punters. Soccer fans will know that our clubs are some of the best, both for men and women.

Most of the time, the women’s team does better in international games. However, the men’s team loves to throw in some surprises. So, we’ve created this guide to help you read the odds and make money on soccer matches.

While the most obvious bet is which team will win the match, there are a lot of other odds to consider. Point spreads, prop bets and goal lines are also great betting options. If you’re interested in more information, we’ve got a few football betting tips for you later in the guide.

Or, you can find a great gambling website for bettors below to view the odds.

Popular Soccer Betting Websites

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Top Soccer Betting Types

Before we get into our tips and strategies, we need to cover some basics. Soccer is played on a grass field within 90 minutes. If there’s over time or a shoot-out, this can go up to two hours or more. Each team will have 11 players on the field at all times, with up to three substitutes. This is the standard for all major soccer matches in association football.

Teams will aim to score a number of goals, depending on how well their opponents are doing. In most cases, professional matches will have two or three goals. What makes this a popular sport is the fact that there are millions of fans across the globe.

More so, punters can cash in on almost every betting market for Champion’s League, Premier League and United States matches in addition to home games. Most soccer betting sites won’t be able to offer live betting, so keep that in mind when wagering.

Top Soccer Betting Types

Using Football Predictions

So, how does soccer betting work? Odds and betting lines for soccer are based on outcomes and performance. While it might seem like bookmakers all offer the same odds, they actually calculate things differently.

Of course, all predictions differ and you should shop around for the best lines. Keep in mind that only betting on the winner can lose you a bit of cash. That’s why we advise spreading your bets and keeping tack carefully. This will help your bankroll at the end of the day.

Best Soccer Bets

Betting on soccer is fairly easy if you know what to look for. Before you make a betting strategy though, always look at the options. While betting on a team to win seems good, professional sports can throw you for a loop. When teams are evenly matched, you can lose a lot of money. That’s why recommend setting a budget and using only 10% per bet. Consider these betting options when you’re ready:

  • Win or Draw Moneyline – betting on a win or draw moneyline allows punters a double chance to win the bet.
  • Total Goal Score – betting on the combined score is usually the easiest bet with good odds. In most cases, this will be offered as an over/under bet, e.g. under or over 2.5 goals.
  • Prop Bets – extra bets are usually offered for specific players or events during the match. Always check these before making a side bet and keep the odds in mind.

How to Bet & Win

To make money on soccer betting, you’ll need to follow our steps below.:

  1. Pick a great online sportsbook
  2. Choose a match and tournament
  3. Decide on a team and bet type
  4. Confirm your bets
  5. Watch the match or keep up-to-date with streaming and highlights
  6. Collect any winnings
Soccer Betting Predictions

Best Soccer Betting Tips

When it comes to online betting, there are always some rather important factors to keep in mind. s always, we urge any punters to be careful while gambling. So, we’ve got some helpful advice for anyone betting on soccer:

  1. Always read promotional terms and conditions carefully before claiming bonuses & free bets.
  2. Keep a close eye on your budget and sportsbook wallet and walk away from a losing streak.
  3. Gamble responsibly and limit your beers while betting, save those for the match.
  4. Keep track of every bet you make on your profile as well as the odds.

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