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Best Online Betting Sites

Best Online Betting SitesOnline betting is one of the easiest ways to gamble online. Many punters are using their phones, tablets and computers to place bets without going to a betting shop.

Since it’s so easy to place a wager, we decided to put together this guide for beginners. After all, punters want to make the most of their bets and make money with online betting websites.

So, use our trusty guide to make a profit betting online today. But first, we’ll need to strip everything down to the basics. Online gambling is one of the biggest industries globally, with legalised sports betting taking the lead. There are plenty of bookmakers with websites and apps for everyone’s taste. Read our credible online betting site reviews for more tips.

Best Online Betting Sites

Betting Site Best Feature Visit Site
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1 Unibet Review Great sports coverage Bet Now
Key Player on the AUS Betting Scene
2 TheLotter Sportsbook Lottery Bets Bet Now
Unique Betting Product - Lotto Result Betting
3 TitanBet Sportsbook Streaming
Expert Edge
Bet Now
Reliable Bookmaker with Flawless Track Record
4 YouWager Sportsbook Betting Exchange Bet Now
Unique Betting Product – So Far Undisputed

Top Online Betting Sites

How to Make Money with Online Betting

While it’s all good and well to know what online wagering is, the bigger question is: ‘How can I make money on betting?’ Well, we have the answers ready and waiting. Keep in mind that betting strategies and tricks can only take you so far. Even though you can become a sharp bettor, gambling is based on chance. Additionally, nothing is guaranteed in professional sports, so bet carefully.

Choosing an Online Betting Website

When wagering online, it’s essential to pick the best site for your needs. Some sites have better odds, some have better payouts, and some have better bonuses. Choosing the right online gambling site for you means careful research. Knowing how they work by reading reviews is the best way to ensure your experience is safe, fair and accurate.

Find the Best Promotions Offers

Before making a final decision, it’s always a good idea to read up on the promotional terms and conditions for your site. Knowing which bonus works will also enhance your gambling experience. Also, that extra cash can come in handy for live betting.

Promotion offers can come in many forms, such as:

  • Bundled bets
  • Bet exchanges
  • Betting syndicates
Best Online Betting Tips


Create an Account

To get started with online betting, punters will need to create an account. This is usually quick and simple. First, you can sign up with a valid email address and password.

Then, you’ill need proof of identity, residence and any supporting documents to verify the account. Generally, this will take up to ten minutes to process. After that, you will be able to start betting.

Making Payments

When a betting account is created and verified, you can then claim a welcome bonus. Usually, online betting sites offer a deposit match bonus to new bettors. These bonuses will match a deposit up to a certain amount. To make the first deposit, you can use a secure payment service.

The most popular options are:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • eWallets
  • Prepaid Cards

Learn the Types of Bets & Odds

Now it’s time to focus on the real focus of gambling activities, how to bet and what bets to make. For most gamblers, the end-outcome of a match is the first bet that comes to mind. However, there are plenty of other options. Almost every aspect of online sports gambling is covered by bookmakers, from the winner to the final score.

We’ve outlined the most popular betting options to get you started.

  • Money line – moneylines are the easiest betting odds because bettors wager on who will win. These odds are based on an outright winner, with one as a favourite.
  • Prop bets – proposition or prop bets can be made on almost anything, from a player’s performance to how many times a certain thing happens. These bets are not directly tied to the outcome of the game.
  • Point spreads – these bets are similar to money lines, but allow gamblers to bet on the outcome within a margin. For example, betting on how many points will be scored between two numbers.
  • Fixed odds – bookies rarely offer fixed odds on sports, but will sometimes allow them for lesser events. These will not change from the time they are offered.
  • Game totals – these bets are based on the combined scores for a sports match. Bettors will decide whether or not the total score will be over or under the tally.
  • Futures – these long-term bets focus on the overall tournament or team performance. These bets will only pay off at the end, so don’t expect a quick buck.

How does Online Betting Work?

To put it simply, online betting is the same as at a sportsbook. However, the key difference is that bettors can place wagers wherever they are when they do it on the Internet. This ease-of-use is why betting online is so popular as gamblers can easily change their bets on their mobile device or computer. All you need is a stable internet connection, no chats required.

What’s more, making a deposit is just as easy and instant. Many bookies offer safe and secure banking options, which make real money betting easier. And, this makes getting your winnings from successful bets just as quick. There is no pointless waiting or queues with online bookmakers. And, punters can bet on popular sports live with no interruptions.

Online Betting Types

Start Betting on Online Sports Fixtures

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and bet. The best part of betting is being able to wager on every sport imaginable. More so, live betting ups the ante for sports fans through live streaming and TV coverage.

Throughout the game, you can make new bets and changes to their bets until the very end. This allows for a lot more freedom than before.

Here are just a few great sports to start wagering on:

Motor Sports
Motor Sports
Horse Racing
Horse Racing
Aussie Rules
Fantasy Sports
Fantasy Sports


Best Ways to Bet

No betting guide is complete without a few expert tips. First, we need to remind you that no betting strategies are fool-proof or guarantee a win. Gambling is never fixed, and all sports are unpredictable.

So, here’s how to bet the right way:

  • Only bet 10% of your overall budget – this may seem low, but it can keep losses low when bets fall through. Bankroll management is vital for successful online betting. More so, even sharp bettors can lose it all.
  • Never use inside information – this is illegal. If you are found using any information that is not publicly available and profit from it, you will face criminal charges.
  • Always gamble responsibly – because problem gambling rates are rising in the world, we always recommend gambling responsibly. This can be achieved by making smaller bets, and walking away from a losing streak. If you feel at risk of gambling addiction, we recommend getting help and temporarily closing your betting site accounts.
  • Only use safe betting sites – our team of experts have reviewed and rated every online betting website we list. We can guarantee their safety and fairness. What’s more, we know how they operate and will always be honest about the bookmaker.
Mobile Online Betting

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Online Betting FAQs

Is Online Betting Illegal in Australia?

No, as long as punters follow the current laws for online gambling. After the 2018 Gaming Amendment, any online betting sites must be licensed and regulated. They must also pay the point-of-consumption tax in every state they accept bets. Since these taxes go towards communities, the states need the revenues. We advise using only legal online wagering services to gamble legally.

How safe is online betting?

Depending on the site you choose, it can either be extremely safe or not. We only recommend the safest websites and apps to you for peace of mind. The best way to check for safety is by looking at your search bar. If the site’s web address is preceded by a green lock, the site is encrypted and safe to use.

Is online betting legal?

Yes, Australia may have the strictest gambling laws, but that means that bettors are protected. All licensed and regulated betting websites are accountable for their actions. So, if you lose money unfairly, you can legally go after them anywhere in the country.

Can I learn how to win money with online betting?

Yes, through practice and careful research, you can learn to bet effectively. Still, there’s no way to guarantee that every bet is a good one until the game is over.

How do online betting sites work?

Just like normal betting shops, online betting sites offer odds for real money. Punters can then place a bet and see if they win. Additionally, this is a safer, easier and more reliable way to gamble because betting sites are regulated in real time.

What online betting site has the best odds?

Any site that offers legal gambling in Australia has the best odds and, more importantly, the best payouts.

Do we have to pay taxes for online betting winnings?

No, because gambling is considered a hobby or recreational activity in Australia. Any winnings are considered lucky. The government taxes the betting sites instead because they make a profit.

How do you get paid out from online betting Australia?

To claim a payout, you can go to the cashier or banking page of the betting website. Here, you can click on ‘cash out’, ‘claim winnings’, etc. Be sure to choose your preferred payment service for a quick payout.

How do online betting accounts work?

Online betting accounts are like a Facebook profile, your personal information is used to track the bets you make and how much you spend. This information cannot be shared except under a court order. To create an account, you’ll need to provide your identity document and proof of where you live for tax purposes.