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Best Tennis Betting Sites

Best Tennis Betting Sites Tennis betting is one of the most popular options offering by online bookmakers. This old sport has a unique scoring system, so we’ll be taking a look at how it works.

Before we dive into all of that though, we’ll need to cover the basics. Before looking at the bets on offer, it’s important to take note of the court that the game is played on.

In tennis, there are three types: clay court, hardcourt and grass surfaces. Each type of court affects how well a player does because balls bounce differently.

Then, you’ll need to check if it’s single players or doubles. Most tournaments have titles for male and female players singles and in pairs. Some will also have mixed-gender matches.

To start betting tennis now, check out our most popular betting sites on the Internet below. But if you’d like a little more information on tennis betting, read the rest of this guide!

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Top Tennis Match Betting Options

When betting on tennis, it’s a good idea to review all aspects of the game. For most bettors, the sticking point is the scoring system. Each match has two to three sets. Winning a set means winning the six games within it. Games are scored from ‘love’ (zero) to 40 which count as points. The first point is 15, then 30 and 40, the game point.

Most games start with a coin toss or racket spin. Whoever wins the toss gets to decide if they serve first and where they start. The player who starts the serve will continue to serve first until the game is over.

Then the other player gets a chance to serve, this will continue until the sets are over. All serves must start on the right-hand side of the tennis court between the side-line and centre mark.

Betting options include scoring, the winner, and the end totals. Other options include predicting the number of games, players, and set betting.

Bet on Tennis

Tennis Betting Predictions

When predicting who will win the match, most sportsbooks will consider the player’s skills. Again, this depends on the court and how they play on it. More importantly, it will depend on their overall performance and how they serve. When top players go head-to-head, the favourite is usually chosen based on these factors.

So, when betting on Grand Slam tournaments like the Australian Open, we advise careful betting. As always, professional sports are difficult to predict, so big bets won’t win every time.

More so, injuries and equipment issues are common at tournaments. But first, we need to mention why the courts are so important for tennis predictions.

  • Clay Surfaces – these are considered the slowest because they have long baseline rallies. If you’ve watched the French Open, this means that the balls bounce less wildly.
  • Grass Surfaces – this is one of the faster surfaces, but it’s only used in summer for tournaments like Wimbledon.
  • Hard-Court – this is the most popular surface because it can be used in any season. What’s more, the surface is faster to serve on. The Australian Open and US Open use hard courts, as do the World Tour Finals.

Types of Bets

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to look at the many betting options for a tennis match. Like most popular sports, bookmakers will offer moneyline, spread and handicap bet types. These can be applied to the winner of the match or tournament, and every round of the tournament. Keep in mind that sets last for a long time, so live streaming may be the best option if you’ve got other things going on.

Almost every network will cover at least a bit of the biggest tournaments, but you can also stream the best matches. This is also pretty beneficial for live bets. So, get ready to enjoy the best of the WTA and ATP tours live.

How to Bet & Win on Tournaments

Now it’s time to make some money on tennis betting. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit your favourite sportsbook
  2. Choose a Grand Slam tournament and match
  3. Select your bets
  4. Confirm your bets
  5. Watch the match
  6. Collect your winnings
Online Tennis Betting Sites

Best Tennis Betting Tips

To summarise, tennis betting can seem complicated. However, with a little research, you can bet on tennis for real money and turn a profit.

Still, we recommend that any punter gamble responsibly by managing their budget and time effectively. We also recommend keeping track of every match on tipster apps in case something goes wrong.

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