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Best MMA Betting Sites – Bet on the AFC, UFC & EFC

MMA Betting Guide for AussiesMixed martial arts, or MMA, is one of the most popular single-player sports in the world. MMA fighters are known for being unpredictable and fierce in a match. So, how do you bet on it?

Well, our expert reviewers recommend betting carefully and on more than one match in an event. That way, you can still make a profit if your fighter gets knocked out. For more tips, keep reading our guide on MMA betting. If you’d rather skip it and get to betting, check out our top reviewed online sports betting sites listed below.

Check out the top MMA online betting sites for more odds and wagers.

Highly-Rated MMA Betting Sites

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What is Mixed Martial Arts?

Before we go any further, though, we need to explain how it all goes down. In MMA, two fighters go head-to-head in the octagon. This is a six-sided ring with walls that keeps the fighters inside for MMA fights. Fighters can only use their bodies to try to win the fights.

Winning can be achieved through a knock-out, technical knock-out, submission, referee stop, doctor stop, corner stop, disqualification or a decision by a judge. These types of wins will factor into the fighter’s rankings and overall standings for the championship or title.

MMA Betting Sites

Top MMA Betting Types

There are many tournaments across the globe for MMA betting. These offer various markets and wagering options to MMA bettors. So, which bet is the best to make on such a big sport? Well, we believe that smaller, spread bets will minimise losses and allow punters to make a little money. While we can’t guarantee a win, (no one can) we can offer good betting strategies.

Most MMA betting sites will cover the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Bellator MMA and the Australian Fighting Championship (AFC). Online sportsbooks typically take bets on individual fights, side bets, and futures bets for Championship winners. So, focus on the side bets, and you might just make more money than you wager.

MMA Rules for Beginners

While MMA organisations can make unique rules, there are standard regulations for any championship. Still, every event must follow athletic rules.

The universal rules include:

  1. No cheap attacks – so groin attacks, head strikes, spine strikes or head butts are out.
  2. Fighters cannot gouge eyes, fish hook, bite the opponent, pull hair, or grab/strike their throat.
  3. Intentional use of the ring is not allowed, either by grabbing the walls or throwing the opponent out of the ring.

In addition, accidentally breaking any of the above earns a fighter a warning from the referee. If the fighter’s opponent is injured in any way from the action, they get five minutes to recover.

MMA Betting for Beginners

Weight Classes for Fighters

MMA Weight Classes for Men

ClassWeight Range
FlyweightUp to 105 lbs (0-48 kg)
Super flyweight105.1–115 lbs (48-52 kg)
Bantamweight115.1–125 lbs (52-57 kg)
Super bantamweight125.1–135 lbs (57-62 kg)
Featherweight135.1–145 lbs (62-67 kg)
Lightweight145.1–155 lbs (67-72 kg)
Super lightweight155.1–165 lbs (72-77 kg)
Welterweight165.1–175 lbs (77-82 kg)
Super welterweight175.1–185 lbs (82-87 kg)
Middleweight185.1–195 lbs (87-92 kg)
Super middleweight195.1–205 lbs (92-97 kg)
Light heavyweight205.1–225 lbs (102-107 kg)
Heavyweight225.1–265 lbs (107-112 kg)
Super heavyweightOver 265 lbs (over 112kg)

MMA Weight Classes for Women

ClassWeight Range
FlyweightUp to 95 lbs (0-43 kg)
Bantamweight95.1–105 lbs (43-48 kg)
Featherweight105.1–115 lbs (48-53 kg)
Lightweight115.1–125 lbs (53-58 kg)
Welterweight125.1–135 lbs (58-63 kg)
Middleweight135.1–145 lbs (63-68 kg)
Light heavyweight145.1–155 lbs (68-73 kg)
Cruiserweight155.1–165 lbs (73-78 kg)
Heavyweight165.1–185 lbs (78-83 kg)
Super heavyweightOver 185 lbs (over 83 kg)

How to Bet & Win

It’s time to make some money on MMA betting. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit your favourite sportsbook.
  2. Choose a fighter or fighters.
  3. Select your bets and side wagers.
  4. Confirm your bets.
  5. Watch the match.
  6. Collect your winnings.

Best MMA Betting Odds

Before you start betting on MMA, we have to warn punters that the chances of winning are limited.

  • Expecting to win a bet every time is unrealistic and can lead to financial problems. So, gamble responsibly and only use 10% of your bankroll for bets.
  • What’s more, fighting styles and performance can affect your side bets, so keep a close eye on your wagers.
  • If you can, try live betting on the phone when the fight goes south.

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