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Best Sportsbooks Reviews & Ratings

Best Sportsbooks Reviews Online sportsbooks are a popular way to bet on sports action. These betting sites offer the latest odds and bets for sporting events. But, how can you be sure that a sportsbook is a right choice?

That’s where comes in. Our team of expert critics review every bookmaker possible so you don’t have to.

We’ve also decided to create this guide so that bettors can check betting sites personally. After all, there’s nothing like a personal opinion when money is involved. In this sportsbook review guide, we’ll walk you through all of the important factors for a successful online bookmaker site.

If you’d like to skip our steps, simply read any of our best betting site reviews listed below.

Best Online Sportsbooks

Betting Site Best Feature Visit Site
Embodiment of Synergy in the AU Betting Industry!
1 Unibet Review Great sports coverage Bet Now
Key Player on the AUS Betting Scene
2 TheLotter Sportsbook Lottery Bets Bet Now
Unique Betting Product - Lotto Result Betting
3 TitanBet Sportsbook Streaming
Expert Edge
Bet Now
Reliable Bookmaker with Flawless Track Record
4 YouWager Sportsbook Betting Exchange Bet Now
Unique Betting Product – So Far Undisputed

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How we Review Sportsbooks

As any seasoned bettor knows, there’s a lot to consider when placing a bet. So, why not take a little more time on choosing a sportsbook? After all, research is key if you want to win big. We’ve listed the basic criteria for our review process below to help you to make informed decisions about their online betting experience.

Australian Online Sportsbooks

Step 1: Sportsbooks License, Security & Performance

Betting site reviews aren’t complete on without a full security check. We take safety seriously, and so should you. After all, you’re trusting a bookie with your hard-earned cash.

That’s why we like to double check a few things like:

  1. Encryption – to check this, you’ll need to spot a green lock icon in your search icon. If it’s closed, the site is secure by standard encryption technology.
  2. Security certificates – for this part, you’ll need to click on the icon and check for a valid certificate. You’ll also see how many cookies the site uses.
  3. License seal – all bookmaker sites need a valid license from a state like the Northern Territory or Victoria. They should also mention the legal gambling age, usually 18, and that punters need to gamble responsibly. This is a federal requirement.

Step 2: Sportsbook Deposit Options & Payouts

After checking the betting bonuses, our reviewers look into deposit options. Being able to make secure and quick payments is important for online sports betting. In fact, it can make or break a bet at the right moment. If this criterion passes, we also check for the banking options the bookmaker supports. Here are a few of our favourites to use:

  • Visa Card – debit & credit
  • Mastercard & MasterPass
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin

When it’s time to cash out, the same banking options need to be offered for withdrawals. All processing times and limits should be clear to punters before they cash out.

Latest Sportsbooks Reviewed

Step 3: Evaluation of Betting Options

The types of bets on offer are also important to our reviewers because nobody wants limits. We usually look for variety on the sporting events covered and the odds offered. Most often, sportsbooks cover rugby, cricket, football, soccer, and horse racing. For each sport, they also offer a variety of bets to make. From spread betting to multi betting, variety is necessary online.

And, there needs to be live betting available for those nail-biting sporting and racing events. That way, you can pick your own odds and what you want to wager on.

Step 4: Mobile App & Betting Site Usability

There’s really no point to online betting if the website is difficult to use. We like to see clean design with accessible navigation from bookmakers. The betting site also needs to work consistently on any device. What’s more, mobile betting apps should be just as easy to use and support banking options. Luckily, our best sportsbooks all have great usability built into their websites.

Step 5: Support Team & Customer Service at the Sportsbook

No online betting experience is perfect all the time, that’s why support is so crucial. We like to see contact options like Live Chat and email, with a team that’s available 24/7. Toll-free phone numbers are an added benefit. If you have any troubles, we want to hear about it.

Step 6: Sportsbooks with Exclusive Deals

And finally, we like to see a little something extra from betting sites. We want to know about the exclusive rewards, bets, and prizes that punters can win. If they have a loyalty program, we need to know how much it takes to get from tier to tier. Any added extras are always welcome in our minds.

Step 7: Final Rating for Sportsbooks Reviews

Before we recommend any sports betting sites, we’ll count up their scores. At the end of the review, we’ll mention how many stars they earned from combined ratings. In most cases, four stars is our highest rating. To be honest, this is because we know that sites can still improve later on. So, be aware of how well they do before clicking our ‘bet now’ button.

Final Sportsbook Ratings

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Sportsbooks FAQs

Which online sportsbook is the best?

That depends on what you’re looking for. Sportsbooks vary with bonuses, odds and sports they cover. So, you have to choose the best for your needs. Still, these are our favourites: William Hill, BetEasy, Bet365, Paddy Power, and BetOnline.

Are bookies illegal?

Offshore bookies are, under certain circumstances. For example, any online sportsbook that doesn’t pay taxes or hold a license.

What is a bookie?

A bookie, or bookmaker, is an entity that offers odds and betting lines to punters for a price. Under many national laws, bookies have to follow certain regulations to ensure the safety of bettors. Online bookies have a bit more variety in terms of bets, but land-based sportsbooks have their own benefits.

Which bookmaker gives the best odds?

Neds Sportsbook. Generally, this bookmaker with the best odds has all of the probabilities worked out. To check for the best odds, check the margin of the bet. The higher it is, the less you’ll win from a bet.

Who is the biggest bookmaker in the world?

At the moment, the biggest bookmaker in the world is Bet365, because they have over 34 million punter accounts across the globe.

How do bookies make their money?

Most sportsbooks make most of their money from bets. Every bet they take is money in, while any payout is money that goes out. The aim of every bookie is to take more money in than out.

How do bookies calculate odds?

To calculate odds, bookies will take every possibility and probability to calculate a margin. Within this margin, they will offer odds. However, there are a lot of calculations for these probabilities, so there’s no exact way of figuring out the actual outcome.

Can sports gambling be profitable?

Yes, if you do it infrequently and make small bets. Betting it all never works, especially not for horse racing betting. Performance is the deciding factor for every sport. The best way to make sports gambling profitable is to do research and bet carefully as well as confidently.

How do you beat the bookies?

Our best betting tips for beating the odds are. Firstly, know your sport from start to finish. And remember, favourites don’t always win. Thirdly, shop around for bets and odds. Also, make fewer, but higher-end bets. Try to avoid ‘odds-on’ prices. And, try less obvious sports markets. Ensure that you understand the margins. Finally, don’t bet emotionally.