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Contact bestaubettingsitesContact us – The team here at is dedicated to providing accurate, trustworthy information to bettors. Our aim to is help anyone learn how to bet and when to wager at the very best online betting sites.

We are a friendly team, but we have some guidelines to share before bettors should consider contacting us.

While we do want to help anyone with a problem, there are only so many people who can answer emails. So, please be patient or contact the relevant authorities who deal with specific issues at online sportsbooks.

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Only contact us if you’re a Gambler who really needs a little more information about sport betting and feedback on queries. This includes any betting site questions, sporting event queries, or even just to find out if you can claim bonuses in your state.

Affiliate Managers – we have a strong line-up of programs that we promote and review. Please don’t waste your time spamming offers on our form, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else. We don’t answer or accept any requests or bribes. If you want to do it anyway, please include the following:

  1. Your full, legal name and pertinent job title.
  2. Your company’s registered name and license number.
  3. As well as any details pertaining to the deal you think we want.

Webmasters – we will not buy or sell links of any kind in exchange for exposure. If you have an established website and would like to exchange links, please include all relevant information listed above. Do not contact us to ask if we are interested or “out of curiosity”. We’re sure your time is just as valuable as ours and that you have better things to do.

Thank you or taking the time to fill out the below form with detailed and relevant information. We really appreciate your interest and time.
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