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AFL Silly Season 2019 Leaves Total of 65 Players without a Club

As the AFL Silly Season 2019 has finally closed, a few players are left with no offers. A total of 65 players have been left without a club after the window closed. So, what happens now? And who managed to get into a good team? Well, we’ve got some good news for footy fans who bet on the trades. Even if insider information isn’t allowed, there were some pretty accurate guesses.

However, there’s still the matter of certain high-profile players who caused fights among the clubs. For the most part, the trades were civil, until St Kilda and Fremantle lost their cool over talks. It’s no wonder this is referred to as silly season down under. These fights are part and parcel for the footy league, but really unprofessional either way. So, let’s see who managed to land a club this year.

AFL Silly Season 2019 Confirmed Trades

Confirmed Trades for AFL Silly Season 2019

The Adelaide Crows have led the pack with the most trade outs, while Carlton delisted the most players. In addition, St Kilda managed to trade the most players in. If this line-up is anything to go by, we’re in for an interesting post-season. After all, we have 65 players to watch after AFL Silly Season 2019 took no prisoners.

Adelaide Crows – AFL Silly Season 2019 Trade Outs Winner

  1. Traded In – Billy Frampton.
  2. Traded Out – Eddie Betts, Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Hugh Greenwood, Sam Jacobs, Josh Jenkins, and Alex Keath.
  3. Retired – Andy Otten.
  4. Delisted – Richard Douglas and Paul Hunter.

Brisbane Lions

  1. Traded In – Callum Ah Chee, Grant Birchall, and Cam Ellis-Yolmen.
  2. Traded Out – Tom Cutler, and Lewis Taylor.
  3. Retired – Luke Hodge.
  4. Delisted – Ryan Bastinac, Ben Keays Nick Robertson, and Josh Walker.

Carlton – AFL Silly Season 2019 Delisted Winner

  1. Traded In – Eddie Betts, and Marc Pittonet.
  2. Traded Out – Andrew Phillips.
  3. Retired – Tom Bugg, Alex Fasolo, and Dale Thomas.
  4. Delisted – Josh Deluca, Jarrod Garlett, Pat Kerr, Kym LeBois, Matthew Lobbe, Jarrod Pickett, and Angus Schumacher.


  1. Traded In – Darcy Cameron.
  2. Traded Out – James Aish.
  3. Retired – Tyson Goldsack, and Daniel Wells.
  4. Delisted – Sam Murray.


  1. Traded In – Tom Cutler, and Andrew Phillips.
  2. Retired – Mark Baguley, Matt Dea, Luke Lavender, and David Myers.
  3. Delisted – Jordan Houlahan, Ben McNiece, Zac Clarke, Trent Mynott, Jake Long, and Tom Jok.


  1. Traded In – James Aish, and Blake Acres.
  2. Traded Out – Bradley Hill, and Ed Langdon.
  3. Retired – Aaron Sandilands.
  4. Delisted – Hayden Ballantyne, Harley Bennell, Scott Jones, Shane Kersten, and Ryan Nyhuis.


  1. Traded In – Josh Jenkins, and Jack Steven.
  2. Traded Out – Tim Kelly, Zac Smith.
  3. Delisted – Wylie Buzza, Jordan Cunico, Jamaine Jones, and Scott Selwood.

Gold Coast Suns

  1. Traded In –Brandon Ellis, Hugh Greenwood, and Zac Smith.
  2. Traded Out –Callum Ah Chee
  3. Retired –Michael Rischitelli, and Tom Nicholls.
  4. Delisted –Jack Leslie, Connor Nutting, and Brad Scheer.

GWS Giants

  1. Traded In –Sam Jacobs.
  2. Traded Out –Aiden Bonar, Jonathon Patton, and Adam Tomlinson.
  3. Retired –Brett Deledio, and Dawson Simpson.
  4. Delisted –TBA


  1. Traded In –Jonathon Patton, and Sam Frost.
  2. Traded Out –Grant Birchall, Marc Pittonet.
  3. Retired –Jarryd Roughead, Tim Mohr, Ryan Schoenmakers.
  4. Delisted –Kaiden Brand, Teia Miles, Darren Minchington, and David Mirra.


  1. Traded In – Adam Tomlinson, and Ed Langdon.
  2. Traded Out – Sam Frost.
  3. Retired – Jordan Lewis, Corey Maynard, Tim Smith, and Guy Walker.
  4. Delisted –Jeff Garlett, Declan Keilty, Jay Kennedy-Harris, and Billy Stretch.

North Melbourne

  1. Traded In –Aiden Bonar.
  2. Retired –Red Og Murphy, Scott Thompson, and Sam Wright.
  3. Delisted –Nathan Hrovat, Declan Watson, and Tom Wilkinson.

Port Adelaide

  1. Traded Out –Billy Frampton, Dougal Howard, and Paddy Ryder.
  2. Delisted –Matthew Broadbent, Jack Trengove, Aidyn Johnson, Kai Pudney, and Cam Hewett.


  1. Traded Out –Dan Butler, and Brandon Ellis.
  2. Retired –Shaun Grigg, and Mav Weller.
  3. Delisted –Jacob Townsend, Connor Menadue, and Callum Moore.

St Kilda – AFL Silly Season 2019 Trade In Winner

  1. Traded In –Dan Butler, Bradley Hill, Dougal Howard, Zak Jones, and Paddy Ryder.
  2. Traded Out –Blake Acres, Josh Bruce, and Jack Steven.
  3. Delisted –David Armitage, Billy Longer, Lewis Pierce, Bailey Rice, Sam Rowe, Brandon White, and Robbie Young.

Sydney Swans

  1. Traded In –Lewis Taylor.
  2. Traded Out –Darcy Cameron, and Zak Jones.
  3. Retired –Heath Grundy, Kieren Jack, Jarrad McVeigh, and Nick Smith.
  4. Delisted –James Rose, and Durak Tucker.

West Coast Eagles – AFL Silly Season 2019 Delisted Runner-Up

  1. Traded In –Tim Kelly
  2. Delisted –Patrick Bines, Chris Masten, Fraser McInnes, Brodie Riach, Kurt Mutimer, Keegan Brooksby, and Matthew Allen.

Western Bulldogs

  1. Traded In –Josh Bruce, and Alex Keath.
  2. Retired –Tom Boyd, Dale Morris, and Liam Picken.
  3. Delisted – Fletcher Roberts, and Lukas Webb.

Season Highlights of the AFL

Now that next season is mostly sorted, we’re looking back at the funniest moments of this year’s competition. From wrestling on the field to some ice skating-inspired lifts, it’s been a great year for AFL. At least, if you count in the laughs we all shared at the ridiculous behaviour of these players. Cheers to the AFL Silly Season 2019!

So, keep visiting for more footy news!