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Gran Premio De México Race Schedule & Best Odds for F1 Fans

Gran Premio De México is one of the last fixtures of the Formula 1 calendar. With a tricky track and even trickier weather, many F1 drivers are preparing for a tough race. The Gran Premio De México is held at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City over 71 laps.

Since the start of this year’s season in Australia, some major players have stepped up. From Leclerc to Verstappen, the younger drivers are making older teams nervous. After all, the big names of the last decade are starting to lose their star power. Only Hamilton and Bottas of Mercedes seem to be holding on to their record wins. Of course, some strange rumours are floating around that Ferrari is struggling to keep the peace between their drivers.

Gran Premio De México Odds

Ferrari “Losing Control” of Team

According to the rumours, Ferrari is discretely trying to calm tensions between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel. Leclerc has jumped 9 points ahead of Vettel. In addition, the two are in “disagreements” nearly constantly on the team radios. However, Team Principal Mattia Binotto believes that the situation won’t “boil over”.

It started when Leclerc wouldn’t give Vettel a slipstream in Monza qualifying. Vettel responded by then ignoring team orders following race start in Russia. Apparently, Binotto has discussed the situation with the drivers “positively”. Still, the two seem destined to clash heads as often as possible while Leclerc aims for the championship title.

Odds on Gran Premio De México

Despite the drama on his team, Leclerc is still expected to win the Gran Premio De México this year. His recent performance has made him a favourite for bookies. In fact, he’s been set up over Hamilton for many races now. This type of competition has added more excitement to Formula 1 since Hamilton started and made F1 betting boring for over a decade. So, get your bankroll ready for a satisfying payout.

Overall WinnerOdds
Charles Leclerc3.00
Lewis Hamilton3.60
Max Verstappen5.00
Sebastian Vettel5.00


Fastest QualifierOdds
Charles Leclerc2.20
Sebastian Vettel5.00
Lewis Hamilton5.50
Max Verstappen5.50


Top 3 FinishOdds
Charles Leclerc1.30
Lewis Hamilton1.36
Sebastian Vettel1.52
Max Verstappen1.80


Race Schedule for Mexico

After Japan’s typhoon at the last race, many fans will be happy to know that no freak weather is heading for Mexico. In fact, it’s only sunshine and warm weather on the horizon. Still, teams will have to think carefully about their starting tyres to ensure that no accidents happen. Should you be interested in watching the race this weekend, here’s the race schedule:

Date Event
27 OctGran Premio De México Main Race
26 OctF1 Qualifying Rounds
26 OctPractice 3
25 OctPractice 2
25 OctPractice 1


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