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Renault F1 Automated Brakes “Unfair” for Competitors

It would seem that drama is following Formula 1 yet again. This time, the Renault F1 team is being criticised for their alleged automated brake systems that unfairly advantaged Danial Ricciardo. Apparently, other teams feel that this was against the rules of F1. Racing Point, Renault’s rivals, have lodged a complaint against Renault F1 with the FIA.

Since the complaint was made at the track, a preliminary investigation was launched on the track. The components have since been impounded for more tests. In essence, this type of brake system is considered a “driver aid” and is in breach of guidelines. F1 rules ban a “powered device” add-on for the brake systems altogether.

Renault Brake Systems Scandal AU

Renault F1 Technical Troubles

For the second time this season, Ricciardo and Renault F1 are in trouble for technical components. In the Singapore race, Ricciardo was not allowed to race when his Motor Generator Unit caused a suspicious spike in his second qualifying lap. Ricciardo claimed that the only advantage was 0.000001s. Still, it is a contravention and he was banned from the race.

In the wake of this scandal, Renault claimed that they would be preparing an “equally detailed case” to defend their decision. Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher believes that the team is in a “questionable” position. He also believes that penalties would force them to rethink their technical components. Watch his run below:

Team Faces Major Fine

For the moment, many are speculating about the possible penalties for Renault. While we can’t speak for the FIA, it will likely be severe. After all, examples must be made and fines are beneficial. However, the FIA are known to become “overwhelmed by simple decisions”. So, this could drag out for months until they can come to a conclusion. Or, they could take the easy way out and penalise the team.

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