Best Sports to Bet on & Make Money

Best Sports to Bet on & Make MoneyWhen looking for the best sports to bet on, the first place to look is advice websites. At, we believe that any advice on the best sports should include the pro and cons of each choice. Of course, any choice is up to the bettor, but covering the bases is always better than just picking something and going ahead without research. Due to the variety of sports betting options available to Aussies we believe that the best sports are the biggest.

However, this does not guarantee consistent wins or that punters can afford to lose too much on them. Smaller bets can sometimes be more rewarding in the long run, especially if multiple bets are placed on different outcomes. So, to make betting on sports more enjoyable, we’ve put together our top picks for the best sports to bet on. Should you prefer skipping all that, we’ve listed our favourite bookies first who offer the easiest sports bets.

Top 10 Online Betting Sites Australia

What’s the Best Sport to Bet On?

Simply put, it’s the one you know best. You should be familiar with any team sport or individual game you would like to bet on. Knowing enough about both teams and the tournament will ensure that your bet is the best. Relying on more than support for a team will work out better in your favour than betting with your heart.

Gambling is a matter of chance, especially on professional sports. That’s where good research comes in, knowing the tactics and performance of a sport can improve your chance of winning. This is especially true for team sports like ice hockey or soccer match. The most popular sports to bet on are listed below. Bookies offer a lot of options to Australians, so try them all.

  • Cricket Betting
  • Boxing Bets
  • Rugby Betting
  • Horse Racing
  • Esports Betting
  • Motor Sports Betting
  • Bet on Tennis
  • Soccer Betting
  • Golf Betting
  • AFL Betting
  • Fantasy Sports Betting
  • MMA Betting
  • Hockey Betting
  • Basketball Betting
  • Baseball Betting

What's are Best Sports to Bet On?

How to Start Betting

Follow these steps to start making money on the best sports.

  1. Pick your sportsbook
  2. Check all of the betting markets
  3. Look for match deposit bonus offers or claim any free bets
  4. Make a selection based on odds
  5. Set your bet amount
  6. Place the bet
  7. Watch the match
  8. Check your account for winnings

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