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FIFA Betting Sites – Online FIFA eSports Betting

FIFA Game LogoWhen the game first launched in 1993, no one expected FIFA to become a worldwide spectacle. While it only got into eSports with FIFA 17, the eWorld Cup was a popular fixture way back in 2004. However, it’s struggled to gain the viewership of other leagues.

So, you’re probably wondering: “why should I bet on it?”. Well, EA sports (the publisher) is determined to get the game on the map. Of course, it’s pretty hard to get to the top in this game, because you have to buy virtual players and win 27 out of 30 games during the qualifiers. That’s right, pro gamers have to spend money to get through to the tournament.

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FIFA eSports Betting Sites

Major FIFA eSports Events

In terms of competition, the significant events are the eWorld Cup and Weekend League qualifiers. In the lead-up to the Cup, players have to compete head-to-head with anyone taking part. This is a single-player league with 11 virtual players and control over just one. Odds on a winner are also skewed because of “pay-to-play”.

FIFA eSports

Best Ways to Bet

  • Learn about the game.
  • Always track patches and updates.
  • Research the players and available players.
  • Don’t bet on the underdog.

FIFA Betting Odds

Since the game is so hard to win and expensive, there aren’t a lot of bookmakers offering odds on it. If they do, expect basic offers like a winner, total, and maybe a point spread. Also, the lines won’t payout as much as you think.

So, there you have it, a current guide to FIFA betting.

How to Bet on FIFA

  1. Create and verify your account.
  2. Process your first deposit.
  3. Go to the eSports category.
  4. Pick FIFA from the list.
  5. Check the odds.
  6. Place your bets and keep your betting slip close.
  7. Track the match and performance.
  8. Check your account for winning bets.

FIFA Gameplay

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