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League of Legends Betting Sites – Online LoL Betting

Online LoL BettingLeague of Legends Betting SitesAs one of the biggest electronic sports (eSports), League of Legends (LoL) has paved the way for many of today’s famous multiplayer tournaments. With millions of fans playing the game and watching every match, it’s no wonder that League of Legends betting is so popular.

So, what do you need to know about LoL betting? Well, first, never go in blind and just start betting on whatever looks good. If you’re unfamiliar with how a sport works, this will result in losses.

In this League of Legends betting guide, we’ll cover exactly what you need to know, like:

  1. Major LoL championship events.
  2. Where to bet on them.
  3. Which odds and betting options to take.
  4. How to bet like a pro.
  5. Why you should take a chance on eSports.

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LoL eSports Betting Sites

Major LoL eSports Events in 2020

When it comes to betting options, LoL events are many and varied. In fact, there are hundreds of League of Legends matches throughout the year to bet on.

Here are the major tournaments to follow:

League of Legends World Championships (Worlds)

As the end of the season, this is the must-view event for millions of fans. Notwithstanding the knockout rounds, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals, the opening ceremony is a must.

By using new character or in-game skin launches, Riot Games makes a spectacle worthy of the Olympics every year. Each opening ceremony features celebrity performances and a festival atmosphere before the championship teams get to their computers.

Odds on this event are pretty high, and you can even go on the official LoL eSports portal to pick a winner before Worlds begins.

League of Legends World Championship

Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)

As the second-most crucial international competition, the MSI can make or break Worlds’ dreams. Champions from each of the regional Leagues from Spring Split are invited. Along with a wildcard competitor from a lesser region that won the Play-In Stage.

These include:

  1. LCS champion from North America
  2. LCK champion from Korea
  3. LMS champion from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau
  4. LPL champion from China
  5. LEC champion from Europe
  6. Play-In Stage Winner

After MSI, the top four regions in MSI will get a Pool 1 spot in the World Championship Group Stages.

Rift Rivals

In the off-season, this is an international tournament between areas. To break it down:

  • Blue Rift – North America versus Europe
  • Red Rift – China vs. South Korea vs. Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau
  • Green Rift – Commonwealth of Independent States vs. Turkey vs. Vietnam
  • Yellow Rift – Brazil vs. Latam South teams
  • Purple Rift – Japan vs. Oceania vs. Southeast Asia

Legends Championship Series (LCS)

North America is one of the biggest markets after Asia, so it makes sense for their contest to be pretty high on the list. This is a regional competition for ten sides from the continent, including Canadian and American contenders.

All games are streamed live as the tournament is played in Los Angeles. Occasionally, the matches might go on tour.

However, we don’t recommend setting your hopes on one of these teams to win in the world championship. Because of slow growth in the market, professional organizations struggle to keep up with Asian sides. While they get close sometimes, it’s still not worth losing money.


Fittingly, South Korea has its own off-season championship, that used to feature other games until 2016. But these days, only LoL is featured.

The Cup is organized by the Korean eSports Association as part of regional knockouts. In 2020, there are 21 South Korean teams, which explains the need for a separate tournament.

League of Legends Betting

Best Ways to Bet: League of Legends Betting Tips

While we’d love to tell you that there’s a surefire way to win every LoL bet, there’s not.

Instead, here are our top tips for betting real money on League of Legends:

Learn about the game

Learn everything about this game, including player roles and team performance history, before placing a bet. Of course, you don’t have to play the game, but knowing how it works helps.

Before you do anything, watch a lot of matches, either current or old. Pay special attention to “casters”, to learn the slang.

Always track patches and updates

Like any video game, League of Legends is continually evolving and needs software updates to function. Smaller updates are called “patches” and fix minor errors or bugs in the game.

Knowing when these are released will help you to understand any mechanical changes during professional matches. Any effects on champions, items, and randomised objectives will be listed. As a free-to-play game, patches regularly happen.

Research the teams and players

A betting market is nothing without variety, and this game has plenty of options. When you study the teams and players for specific bets, ensure that you understand these aspects:

  • Number Of Kills – how many times the team or player has “killed” another champion and forced them back to base.
  • Number Of Deaths – how many times a champion has died and the overall team deaths.
  • Kill/Death Ratio – casters will compare how many kills and deaths each side has to determine who’s in the lead.
  • Gold Per Minute – earning gold is vital in LoL because players will buy powerful items to boost their characters.
  • Total Gold Count – the team’s gold earnings are a reliable indicator of a winner.
  • Experience Gain – each champion will start at level one, their weakest, and primary stats. As they earn gold and kills, this increases until they “max out” and the game ramps up.

Find out what’s at stake

When stakes are higher, people naturally try harder to win. So, knowing the stakes of the competition will impact outcomes.

For example, World Championships group stages would carry more weight when teams are trying to get through. Once a team wins the required matches, they’ll probably start testing new strategies and moves because the following showdowns are just “training”.

Similarly, two teams in a comfortable position aren’t a good bet because they’ll be experimenting. Still, if one team needs a win, you know they’ll try harder, and that’s a good team to bet on.

Don’t bet on best of one matches

Generally, LoL matches are played as best of three or five formats. Some competitions use the best of one set-up, and these are tough calls. In single map matches like these, it’s too unpredictable.

Conversely, more games will give the better side a higher chance of winning.

Sign up to multiple betting sites

Signing up for multiple accounts might seem like a lot of work, but it pays off. If you’re split between two teams, you can place wagers on both from different sportsbooks.

Some advantages are:

  • Firstly, you get more rewards and odds to bet on the tournaments.
  • Secondly, you can compare the League of Legends betting spread and get the best odds.
  • Finally, you can compare betting markets and side wagers to get the best deal possible.

LoL eSports Championship Teams

LoL Betting Odds

As one of the biggest eSports, you can bet that League of Legends odds are abundant. So, which odds should you look for?

Check these out:

  • Match Winner – picking an overall winner is pretty standard, sportsbook odds will favour the team with a better track record.
  • Maps Handicap – technically, you’re still betting on a winner. However, betting sites will take off maps after the match to determine a winning bet. A favourite will get a negative, and the other side will get a positive. E.g. if the handicap is 1.5 and the winner played two, you get a payout. On the other hand, if one map was played, the underdog wins.
  • Maps Total – this is a wager based on “best of” formats. So, if they play all of the maps in a five-game showdown, you could get a payout. If they only play three and you bet on it, you win. Easy, right?
  • Correct Score – this is sheer luck, but punters can bet on the exact final score of the match. Luckily, there are only a few outcomes. Odds are reasonably high.

You can also bet on total kills, total towers destroyed, and which team will get the first kill (first blood) buff.

How to Bet on League of Legends

  1. Create and verify your account.
  2. Process your first deposit.
  3. Go to the eSports category.
  4. Pick LoL from the list.
  5. Check the odds.
  6. Place your bets and keep your betting slip close.
  7. Track the match and performance.
  8. Check your account for winning bets.

About League of Legends

When League of Legends first came out in 2009, no one expected it to take off. After all, why would you want to play against other people for fun? Then it did, and the game has expanded far beyond the original map.

Choosing Champions

The basic premise of LoL is that you can choose a champion to play with. These “champions” are divided into five categories:

  • Mage – power-based characters that require “mana” items and sorcery boost. They take the mid or top lanes and usually work alone effectively.
  • Support – healer characters that can be played as mages, but not professionally. These keep the team alive in close quarters. Team strategies rely on a competent support player, especially in early-game.
  • Marksman – precision is key here because these characters die easily. A Marksman will always be close to support champions.
  • Tank – heavy-duty characters that can charge in and protect the easy targets. They have specialised items to build healing and strength.
  • Assassin – these stealthy champs can roam across the map to help other players and steal a kill or two. Also, they can pick up valuable team boosts (buffs) to improve gameplay for a short time.

League of Legends Maps & Lanes

In the game, you’ll hear a lot about the map, bases, and the lanes. In LoL, champions have set lanes that they start out in. These lanes each have four towers, two per side, that need to be destroyed so that the team can get to the other side’s base and win.

By the late-game phase, the middle lane is used the most to get between bases. If the base is “taken”, the team wins. However, getting to the main objective, they have to “clear” areas, then get buffs and kills to earn gold. The gold is used to buy items and improve character statistics.

During games, teams will start at opposite ends of the map and work their way up. Both teams will alternate their base (red or blue) according to the format. There’s no obvious bias for map sides, so don’t take wagers on it.

Gold & Items

Getting gold in League of Legends is essential to winning. The more gold a team earns, the easier they get through game goals. Depending on the character, gold will be spent on items to lend power to their gameplay.

And yes, there is a strategy to it because no champion is the same. Specific items only work for corresponding categories of characters. Also, there’s a strategy for buying items. In the first few minutes, the mages and tanks will buy magic boosters and armour respectively. Later on, they’ll upgrade to a new item built with these.

Conversely, the items for mages and supports are interchangeable, but supports need passive-earning items because they can’t kill other champs. However, assassins and marksmen will have to stick to the rules. Assassins need items to “clear” areas and earn extra gold for their objectives. We could go on, but it’s a lot.

LoL Recent Winners

How popular is League of Legends as an eSport?

Very popular because it has a large following. Many fans will bet on their top teams, and that’s a lot when considering how many people tune in. So, you can make money at sites offering betting on this game.

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