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Best Rugby League Betting Sites

Rugby League Betting SitesAustralia’s National Rugby League (NRL) has some of the top betting markets for bettors. No matter the fixture, online bookmakers take wagers on almost everything. Having so much variety means that punters can make money on rugby league betting quite easily.

By the time the Rugby League World Cup and NRL Grand Final gets underway, there are even more markets to choose from. Whether or not your team makes it, there are many betting sites taking wagers on the league.

So, how can bettors ensure that they can cash in on fixtures? Well, that’s where our guide comes in handy. We’ve broken down every aspect of Rugby wagering for punters, including bets and tips for fixtures.

Moreover, we’ll walk through odds comparisons so that every bet is worthwhile. Our favourite betting sites are also listed below so that you can compare the odds and make the right selection.

Popular Rugby League Betting Sites

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Top Super League Odds

Before the international tournament begins, you will be familiar with the National Rugby League (NRL). Throughout the year, Australian teams go head-to-head and get through to the Super League grand final.

Before we go any further though, we need to talk about the difference between Union and League matches. In Rugby Union, teams have no restrictions on the number of tackles for possession. However, the league does and teams have only six tackles before possession is given to the other team.

To be clear, this is the most important difference and not much else differs. In the Super League, 16 teams will play two games against each, at home and away. Then, a 27th round will be played on the same weekend and at the same stadium. This fixture is called the ‘Magic Weekend’ and is the most popular time to bet in the regular season.

After the ‘Magic Weekend’, the top eight teams will go through to the playoffs to compete for the Super League Trophy and Grand Final winner title. However, there will be dominant teams and this limits betting odds.

Rugby League Sportsbooks

National Rugby League Betting Tips

When it comes to making actual bets, Australians will need to be aware of every match. A good tip here is to research every team and watch their performance for weaknesses before wagering. This will help you to find handicaps in the odds and analyse the odds-on favourites.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to identify the following key aspects of rugby league betting:

  • Find the value of mismatches and how to pick a winner by handicap. Meaning that the score totals will be a bit easier to guess. In the league, a try is worth four points, a conversion is worth two and a drop goal totals to one point.
  • Monitor winners and try to see where they lost the most during previous seasons. Some teams just don’t play well away from home, and this can affect their rankings. Additionally, some teams have varying head-to-head records that could influence their gameplay.
  • Check the weather and play conditions. Some teams play better on dry turf and some thrive in muddier situations, so having that information can be beneficial.

Australian Rugby Tips