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Best eSports Strategy for Betting

Best eSports Strategy for BettingFinding the right eSports strategy for gambling can be a little more complicated than other sports. If you want to become a serious eSports bettor, you’ll need to know what to bet on and which mistakes to avoid. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the best eSports strategy to use, and how to make money.

If you’ve read our other eSports guides, you’ll be familiar with the games, leagues and other important information. After all, there’s a lot of ground to cover in competitive gaming and eSports tournaments. So, we need to focus on the really important part: making money with a strategy.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be focusing on the best eSports betting strategy and how to create one. We will also list the most common mistakes for those who don’t play the game to spot.

\So, check out our tips in the guide, or just visit our top sites for eSports wagering.

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Top eSports Strategy for Success

So, you’re probably wondering what a good strategy looks like. Well, the most successful eSports strategy, or sports betting in general, is a customised experience. You’ll know what works best for them and how often they want to bet, so consider those first.

Then, follow our top steps below to craft a unique betting strategy.

  1. Do some research by checking each team playing in the tournament and how they’ve performed in the lead up. While it’s not a guaranteed indicator, this can show how far they’d get in eSports events. Moreover, players and teams as a whole need careful research, because some players on a team might not be as experienced or good as others.
  2. Choose a good bookmaker from our list with verified security protocols, good support and fair odds. Our top picks have great bonuses, and they’ve been thoroughly vetted by experts.
  3. Use a stake eSports strategy by setting a max stake on each bet, regardless of the type. This is good way to track your bets and payouts.
  4. Act on information and betting tips by reading through fan websites and official eSports game sites. Such as League of Legends (LOL eSports), Rocket League, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
  5. Always check success rates before confirming bets. Some eSports teams may be winning one day, and lose it all on the next. By keeping track of their success rate, bettors will be able to guess more accurately whether or not a team will make it to the end.
Top eSports Strategy for Betting

Common Mistakes to Avoid in eSports Gambling

Now that you’ve got some tips for success, here are some commonly held beliefs. Every punter has done one of these at some point (no judgement).

So, be aware of these mistakes before your place a wager.

  1. Only bet on a few games because it’s really difficult to make a profit on every bet. We recommend looking at odds with a positive expected value instead of just lines.
  2. Don’t bet emotionally by picking the same team over and over. As we’ve mentioned above, sometimes teams just won’t have a good match. Have some patience and walk away if you can’t decide.
  3. Avoid chain logic because a team’s chance of winning every single game is just not possible. If Team A beat Team B, they won’t also beat Team C.
  4. Don’t bet blindly as it’s never a good idea to just pick a team and hope for the best. Again, we recommend research first, because it will narrow down your options and outcomes.
  5. Never trust influencer marketing explicitly since these promotions are paid for. No matter how confident a company or team sounds, it’s just luck and skill at play. Video gaming is particularly difficult to pull off as a skill consistently.

Betting on eSports

When you’ve got an eSports strategy you can try some bets for free or real money. If you’re wagering real money, remember to keep your bets small to start.

  1. Create and verify your online betting account.
  2. Make your first deposit.
  3. Claim your sign-up bonus or free bets.
  4. Open the eSports tab.
  5. Decide on one of the major tournaments.
  6. Check the odds and compare with other sites.
  7. Place your bets (remember to cap them).
  8. Track the match and performance of the team or player.
  9. Claim any winnings.

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