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Best Over/Under Betting Odds

Over/Under Betting OddsOver/under bets are a popular form of totals wagering offered by bookmakers. When placing over/under wagers, you’ll be guessing that the number of points scored will either be above or below the predicted amount.

These game totals can be the overall score, the combined number of goals, or the total number of points in certain sports. Mostly, these bets are offered on team sports events because individual events are less predictable.

Before we get into everything you need to know about totals betting, we need to mention that no bet is guaranteed. Even if you’ve done the most research and shopped around, there’s no telling what will actually happen when compared to the odds.

In this betting line, it’s tough to decide exactly how well both teams will do. So, bet at your own risk with our top-rated sports betting sites.

Top Over-Under Odds Betting Websites

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How to Read Over/Under Odds

To read a totals wager, all you need is the middle ground. For example, a Premier League soccer game might have a totals line of 2.5 goals. This means that the combined score will need to be over three total goals or less than two for a punter to win. Most over/under bets are represented in decimals because they are worked out from averages for each team.

This type of bet can apply to other sports as well, as long as they have a structured scoring system. Total points scored are important so sports like rugby and football will go a lot higher than soccer.

However, we have to note that the chance to win on the goals scored will probably only pay even money. In this case, betting strategies are pretty limited because totals bets are not based on who will win the game.

Over/Under Betting Sites

Over/Under Totals Betting Explained

So, how exactly are these bets paid out? Well, if you’ve heard of a moneyline bet, this will sound familiar. Almost every over/under wager has a payout of -110 on under and over. The key here is to get the exact final score total. So, let’s say an AU punter bet $100 on the under the total of two goals for the game. When the final amount matches, you’ll make a profit of $10.

Therefore, taking the over means that you’ll have to bet $110 to win $100 back. See what we meant about even money? In effect, your winning bet is a very small profit. That’s why most pro bettors make an over/under wager for entertainment purposes. A great time to practice is the Super Bowl, but be prepared to lose. No matter which teams play, American football is infamously unpredictable.

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