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Rugby World Cup Betting Results for 5 & 6 October

Rugby betting results are in from this weekend’s matches. Upcoming fixtures are sure to thrill fans as the pool matches wrap up for the quarter-finals. However, there are still a few surprises in store for rugby fans. Our team of experts will also weigh in on the latest points standings, predictions, and, of course, odds. While Australia is still doing pretty well, they’re far from securing a spot in the quarter finals.

However, their recent win over Uruguay by 45-10 is a good indicator of possibly making it through. Australia is sitting on #6 in the world rankings, but current points aren’t favourable. Either way, things could go better in the upcoming matches. Current predicted odds are favouring New Zealand, Wales and England. Still, the current rugby betting results are skewed towards the All Blacks.

Rugby Betting Results For World Rankings

Australia v Uruguay Betting Results

The Wallabies started strong in Saturday’s match with three ties and two conversions, while Uruguay only scored a penalty in the first half. By the time full-time rolled around, Australia had five more tries and three conversions. Despite this, Uruguay managed a try and a conversion shortly before the match ended and Australia reigned victorious. Watch the highlights below.

England v Argentina Highlights

England’s final score over Argentina was a loud 39-10 by full-time. While Argentina managed to land a penalty, try and conversion by then, England earned five tries and three conversions. Unfortunately, Argentina was down to 14 players after a high tackle from Lavanini. Argentina struggled to keep up, but they tried their best.

Japan v Samoa Highlights

Once again, Japan surprised critics with a win over Samoa with 38-19 by full-time. The Brave Blossoms outdid themselves with four penalties, two tries and two conversions. Thanks to their latest win, they’re sitting at #8 in World rankings. Argentina is now at #10, and could fall below it in the upcoming games.

France v Tonga Highlights

It was a narrow win for the French side against Tonga at 23-21, but they pulled through. Unfortunately, some major errors by Tonga in the first half sealed their fate. While France scored two tries, two conversions and three penalties, Tonga managed only three tries and conversions. Making match highlights are a little hard to watch.

Upcoming Matches & Possible Rugby Betting Results

South Africa v Canada 08 Oct
South Africa 1.00Draw 28.00Canada 28.00
Argentina v USA 09 Oct
Argentina 1.06Draw 30.00USA 11.00
Scotland v Russia 09 Oct
Scotland 1.01Draw 40.00Russia 18.00
Wales v Fiji 09 Oct
Wales 1.11Draw 40.00Fiji 7.20
Australia v Georgia 11 Oct
Australia 1.04Draw 70.00Georgia 11.00
New Zealand v Italy 12 Oct
New Zealand 1.00Draw 27.00Italy 28.00
England v France 12 Oct
England 1.18Draw 27.00France 5.40
Ireland v Samoa 12 Oct
Ireland 1.03Draw 70.00Samoa 11.00
Namibia v Canada 13 Oct
Namibia 2.55Draw 19.00Canada 1.60
Japan v Scotland 13 Oct
Japan 2.18Draw 19.00Scotland 1.78